Natural Cosmetics Sales Booming in France

London – Consumer demand for natural cosmetics is booming in France with sales increasing by 40% in 2005.

Growing consumer awareness of chemicals in cosmetics & toiletries is driving demand. The media and pressure groups are highlighting the health risks associated with chemicals in personal care products and consumers are responding by turning to natural products.

Natural cosmetic sales have surged since a television documentary in March 2005 highlighted the possible dangers of substances like parabens and petrochemicals in personal care products. Retailers have reported a surge in demand since with some consumers describing the documentary as an ‘electric shock’. Natural cosmetics are popular because they are made from plant extracts & natural ingredients and contain minimal levels of synthetic compounds.

The new study by Organic Monitor ( shows that sales are continuing to rise at fast pace in 2006. Organic food shops and health food retailers are increasing shelf-space for natural & organic products to meet burgeoning consumer demand. Retail penetration is also increasing with a growing number of supermarkets and department stores introducing these products.

The natural deodorants and colour cosmetic segments are reporting the highest growth. Consumer concern about the nature of anti-perspirants and aluminum salts in deodorants are making natural deodorants popular. The French market is growing from a small base however with natural products still having less then 2% share of total cosmetic & toiletry sales. Natural skin care products are the largest category, comprising 70% of natural cosmetic revenues.

The study finds that organic cosmetics are becoming increasingly important. French consumers see organic logos as a guarantee of ethical and safe products. With over 1,700 products, French certified organic products account for about a quarter of natural cosmetic sales. Organic Monitor expects non-French brands to possibly lose out as the Cosmebio logo rises to prominence.

Research Publication: #1301-60 The French Market for Natural Cosmetics
Publication Date: March 2006

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