Natural Hair Inhibitor Launches into U.S.

Kalo™, natural, botanical-based hair inhibitor, permanently stops hair growth. Nisim International launches Kalo into the U.S. after wide success in Canada, as well as internationally. The company projects that their product gives consumers a way to aid and abet their epilating treatments. Kalo may actually expand the hair removal market.

Brampton, CANADA – October 25, 2006 – John Nikolaou knows the baby boomer is looking for ways to capture youth and preserve good looks. He knows that the U.S. natural products industry grew 9.1% to $51.4 billion in 2005, with natural personal care products growing 12.7% reaching $2.35 billion. Nikolaou also knows the savvy consumer is ready for a user-friendly aid and complement to pricey and time-consuming hair removal procedures. He launches his company’s product, Kalo, into the U.S. banking on the fact that the hair removal market is ready for a safe, natural, and permanent hair inhibitor. Kalo, manufactured by Nisim International, preceded the popular, Vaniqa™, a facial hair inhibitor, when it was launched in Canada in 1997.

“Anyone who has reached puberty has unwanted hair. We believe that once consumers learn that they can play an important role in becoming hair-free in all the right places, they will rejoice,” explains Nikolaou. “Also, for those who shave, using Kalo on a daily basis can reduce shaving dramatically, on any body part, by slowing hair growth.”

Hair inhibitors are a value-added aspect to salon procedures because they draw the percentage of the population who has not yet committed to professional epilating procedures. Hair inhibitors enhance and compound the actual success of these procedures. This aspect has great implications for both consumers and the salon industry.

The revolutionary science behind the product includes reduction of the molecular size and weight of the active herbal ingredients to a sub-micron level. This greatly enhances its efficacy. Kalo contains natural sulphur reducers that have been specifically formulated to penetrate the empty and open hair follicle. This safely interferes with the hair’s ability to regenerate at the root. Each time the hair is removed and the product is applied, 10-15% of the hair will not grow back. Within six epilating sessions, 50% of the hair should not return.

The company sells in Canada, where they have been wildly successful, and internationally to over 30 countries. Their sales have developed almost solely by consumer word-of-mouth which is a testament to the product’s efficacy. Nikolaou is now President of the company which enjoys 30%+ growth per year.

Nisim launches Kalo into the U.S. this fall through salons and specialty retailers or direct at

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