Natural-Immunogenics Corp. Announces Appointment

Pompano Beach, FL – December 2, 2003 – Natural-Immunogenics Corp. today announced the appointment of Dwight D. Fonda as Vice President, Operations with responsibility for all internal operations and with an emphasis on cGMP’s, SOP’s, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production and Materials Management. Fonda will report directly to Robert J. Gunter, the Company’s President.

Fonda comes to Natural-Immunogenics Corp. after several years at Numico North America in Boca Raton, FL where he served as Manager, Technical Projects, Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Fonda’s expertise in operations management was refined during expanding responsibilities in tenures at; ForesTrade, Inc., Trout Lake Farm, LLC, Inter-Cal Corporation, Nature’s Products, Inc., Don Bell Industries, a Wal Mart Subsidiary, Colorcon, Centocor, Inc. and Johnson Matthey, Inc. Fonda’s operations experience growth is based on a solid educational background with Masters in Physical Science and Management.

“Natural-Immunogenics Corp. is poised for unprecedented growth in its specialized segment of the Dietary Supplement Industry”, said Robert J. Gunter, President. “Dwight brings a wealth of quality assurance experience to Natural-Immunogenics Corp. at a time when it is most needed. I am sure that we will depend greatly on Dwight’s knowledge and experience to ensure that Natural-Immunogenics Corp. is compliant in every aspect of its operation”.

“This assignment will enable me to proactively utilize my extensive operational experience and to facilitate the Company’s overall commitment to quality products for its customers”, said Fonda. “I will be focusing on the development of cGMP’s, SOP’s and other regulatory issues to ensure that Natural-Immunogenics Corp. is totally compliant”.

Fonda is the second of several key professionals as part of Chairman/CEO Stephen Quinto’s team to carry Natural-Immunogenics Corp.’s Silver Hydrosol Brands around the world. Other assignments will soon include: a Vice President, Research and Development, a Director of Finance and a Director, Customer Relationship Management.

About Natural-Immunogenics Corp.

Natural-Immunogenics Corp. is the only company in the manufacturing of true Silver Hydrosols. The Company offers an expanding range of Silver Hydrosol products intended to support the medical communities’ fight against growing immune challenges and to ensure good health for all consumers. The Company’s retail products are marketed through a network of approximately 2000 Natural Health Food Stores. Its professional product line is sold only through Certified Health Practitioners. It has also developed an emerging Multiple Level Marketed product. The Company presently has nationwide distribution with promising expansion into several world markets.

For more information, visit Natural-Immunogenics Corp.’s website at: or telephone Toll Free at 888-328-8840.

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