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Natural-Immunogenics Corp. Hosts Chinese Silver Delegation

Pompano Beach, FL - December 10, 2003 – Natural-Immunogenics Corp. today announced that on December 9, 2003 it hosted a six (6) member delegation of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. The delegation is in the United States visiting several silver related companies to help the Chinese Government formulate industry policies, set industry standards in China, and to provide information to the U.S. companies the delegation visited.

Their visit was initiated by the U.S. Silver Institute as a means of encouraging the Chinese silver industry to develop markets for silver products and to better understand global silver industry and markets. China is currently the fifth largest producer of silver in the world, though a relatively minor consumer of silver.

“We are pleased that the U.S. Silver Institute recognized Natural-Immunogenics Corp. as a leading company in the manufacture of [Colloidal] Silver Hydrosols and recommended us as the only Dietary Supplement Product Company that the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association delegation would visit in the U.S.”, said Stephen Quinto, Chairman/CEO of Natural-Immunogenics Corp. Quinto further stated, “the educational seminar we conducted, especially demonstration of the Electron Microscope (TEM) as the preferred method of illustrating the structure of Natural-Immunogenics Corp.’s products …..Sovereign Silver and Argentyn 23 [Colloidal] Silver Hydrosols, was very well received.”

Natural-Immunogenics Corp. is the only company manufacturing true [Colloidal] Silver Hydrosols. The Company offers an expanding range of Silver Hydrosol products intended to support the medical community in its increasingly complicated struggle against immune challenges and thus ensuring good health for all consumers. The Company’s retail products are marketed through a network of approximately 2000 Natural Health Food Stores. Its professional product line is sold only through Certified Health Practitioners. It has also developed an emerging Multi-Level Marketing product. The Company presently has nationwide distribution with promising expansion into several world markets.

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