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Natural Nutrition Giants Cytodyne and Phoenix Labs Forge New Landmark Alliance

Phoenix Laboratories Acquires Exclusive License to Market, Distribute And Sell Xenadrine(R) EFX and Other Mega-Popular Cytodyne Products

HICKSVILLE, N.Y., June 16 -- Company officials at both Cytodyne and Phoenix Labs announced today the formation of a new relationship in which Phoenix Labs parent company has obtained the sole and exclusive license to distribute, market, advertise and sell all Cytodyne brand products to the natural dietary supplement industry and the general public from now on. The products will continue to be sold under the Cytodyne brand name.

According to the new licensing agreement, which formally went into effect last month, all business and operations regarding Cytodyne will now be conducted and handled (again under the Cytodyne name) at Phoenix Labs current headquarters in Hicksville, NY.

The New Alliance brings together two giants in natural nutrition. For over 30 years, Phoenix Labs, makers of the Pinnacle(R) Brand of products, has been one of the most innovative and respected names in the natural dietary supplement industry. Cytodyne has been a leading pioneer of innovative, cutting-edge supplements, including numerous best sellers such as Xenadrine and MyoBlast.

"We are extremely pleased and proud to have forged this new relationship," said Mel Rich, CEO of Phoenix Labs. "It's a perfect example of the whole being greater then the sum of its parts. We look forward to continuing in Cytodyne's successful footsteps and doing even greater things together."

Robert Chinery, founder of Cytodyne, echoed Mr. Rich's comments. "This is truly exciting," he said. "The philosophy of the old regime will continue as will all the good science and outstanding product efficacy. We expect Phoenix Labs to maintain the same high standards and continuity in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing, advertising and sales of Cytodyne brand products while adding to the mix their cutting-edge product development team."

All questions and inquires regarding the future operations or distribution of any Cytodyne brand products, including Xenadrine EFX, should be directed to Cytodyne at (516) 861-2825.

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