Natural Solution to Harmful Indoor Ozone Unveiled for U.S. Market at Natural ProductsExpoWest

GREENWICH CT (March 11, 2002) - No Ozone™, a revolutionary new, all natural, clinically proven, patented solution to the harmful effects of pervasive indoor ozone was launched at the Natural Products ExpoWest in Anaheim, California, March 8-10. No Ozone™, developed and introduced in Europe and now in the United States by Atmospheric Solutions (, removes harmful indoor ozone from the air, protecting people from its effects, especially those suffering from compromised respiratory function due to asthma, rhinitis and other allergies.

Natural Products ExpoWest is the largest tradeshow for the natural products industry in the world. The response to this incredible new product was extraordinary. No Ozone™ is a small, non-electric desktop or dashboard vaporizer that has been proven safe and effective in independent clinical trials and has been awarded the right to carry the British Allergy Foundation's seal of approval. It is one of a small number of companies to have been selected to receive this honor.

Stratospheric Ozone, 25 miles high, protects us from the harmful effects of the sun's ultra violet rays. Harmful, ground level ozone, the primary component of smog, is created outdoors when the sun's rays cook auto exhaust and industrial emissions. The resulting chemical reactions create an enormous amount of ozone that is unhealthy to breathe, highly toxic and damaging to the respiratory system.

Ozone exposure impacts everyone's lung function... as much as 30 percent according to the E.P.A. and the American Lung Association. Smog has been attributed to 11 percent of infant deaths. A recent UCLA study states serious birth defects can be caused by prolonged exposure to smog. Premature aging can also be attributed to continued ozone exposure. The E.P.A. and American Lung Association are increasingly concerned about the high levels of outdoor ozone being pumped indoors. Conventional air filters, they tell us, cannot remove harmful indoor ozone. In fact, in our efforts to clean the air we breathe, we may actually be concentrating ozone, making the air even more hazardous to our health.

Invisible indoor air pollution at home and in the workplace is an unseen but serious potential health hazard. Ozone, emitted from office equipment such as computers, printers, faxes and photocopiers is an irritant to the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Many people can become more susceptible to allergic attacks, particularly sufferers of asthma and rhinitis, following exposure to ozone.

No Ozone™ is the result of one man's quest to improve the life of his asthmatic daughter. However No Ozone™ has been proven beneficial for anyone exposed to indoor ozone, even those who aren't allergy or asthma sufferers.

No Ozone™ was patented and introduced to the market in England. Prior to its introduction there was, and still is no other economical way to remove harmful indoor ozone.

No Ozone™, for the home, the office or the car, is the most exciting and efficacious new product the industry has seen in many years.

No Ozone™ is developing a consumer friendly website at . The website will soon provide live ozone tracking and research relating to the dangers of ozone on lungs. Atmospheric Solutions Ltd was established in 1997 to seek methods of reducing symptoms for asthmatics. It identified ozone as a particular problem to asthma sufferers as well as normally fit and healthy people. Research into various methods of reducing ground level ozone led to the development of the current No Ozone™ product. Atmospheric Solutions is recognized as a research based developer of effective, economical solutions for asthmatics and others with breathing difficulties. The company is comprised of distinguished industry and business professionals providing extensive research support for its products and marketing support for its customers.

No Ozone™ is a registered trademark of Atmospheric Solutions.

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The Holmes Organization
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Laguna Beach, CA

Atmospheric Solutions
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Tel: 212-289-9138
Fax: 212-289-7679

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