Natural Solution to Toxic Indoor Ozone

Ground level ozone is the primary component of smog. It is created outdoors when the sun's rays cook auto exhaust and industrial emissions, and indoors from office equipment such as computers, printers, faxes and photocopiers. It is not the same as the good ozone found in the upper atmosphere some 25 miles away. New studies prove ground level ozone is unhealthy to breathe, highly toxic and damaging to the respiratory system. It is an odorless, colorless vapor that cannot be removed by any filtering system. No Ozone™ is the all-natural, clinically proven, patented, silent, non-electric solution to the harmful effects of pervasive toxic indoor ozone.

No Ozone removes harmful indoor ozone from the air, protecting people from its effects, especially those suffering from compromised respiratory function due to asthma, rhinitis and other allergies.

No Ozone is the result of one man's quest to improve the life of his asthmatic daughter. Following it's tremendous success in Europe, No Ozone is now available in the United States from Atmospheric Solutions. The sleek, contemporary design, fits on any counter or cabinet top, on the side of your computer or printer offering continuous discreet protection with pleasant light lavender scent. It is available in two convenient sizes, one for the home or office, and one for automobiles.

No Ozone has developed a consumer friendly website at The website provides links to studies and research relating to the dangers of ground level ozone. We have provided links to three recent studies relating the seriousness of smog type ozone on human health underscoring the importance of the development of No-Ozone.

High Ozone Levels Hurt Sperm Count, Study Finds

Urban Air Pollution Linked to Birth Defects for First Time

Air Pollution (high average ozone levels) May Trigger Asthma In Young Athletes

Half of Americans Breathing Bad Air
142 million Americans live in areas where ozone levels could endanger their health

American Lung Association State of the Air 2002 Report

Additional information on No Ozone can be found on our website at

Atmospheric Solutions
3 West End Avenue Suite 201
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

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