Nature’s Life® Presents 'Cooking With Calcium(TM)'

Larkspur, CA January 1, 2005 – Nature’s Life makes adding Calcium to your diet easy and fun with the launch of Cooking With Calcium™ supplement and Cooking With Calcium Cinnamon™ supplement .

Cooking With Calcium™ supplement is an easy-to-use powdered form of Calcium Lactate Gluconate that offers a convenient way to supplement the diet. Cooking With Calcium™ supplement’s solubility is among the highest for all calcium sources, and its’ absorption rate is one of the highest. Cooking With Calcium™ is quick to dissolve and has a neutral taste. Nature’s Life® Cooking With Calcium™ contains 1,000 mg of calcium per tablespoon and Cooking with Calcium™ Cinnamon contains 750 mg of calcium plus 7.5 g of cinnamon powder per tablespoon.

“We created this product to make it easy for people to add calcium to their diets in a fun, easy-to-use form”, states Karl Riedel, President of Nature’s Life. “With only about 50% of Americans getting adequate amounts of Calcium, we wanted consumers to have another option for getting calcium” Riedel adds.

Nature’s Life® Cooking With Calcium™ supplement is available in natural and health food stores in an 8.4 oz shaker bottle and includes a measuring spoon and a brochure filled with recipe ideas. Cooking With Calcium™ supplement comes in two flavors: Plain and Cinnamon.

Nature’s Life is a leading brand of quality dietary supplements and functional foods. For more information, please visit us on the Web at

Sandra Stauch
VP Brand
T: 435 655 6792 / F: 800-643-7195
[email protected]

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