Nature*4*Science Receives Kosher Status for Garlic Products

Anaheim, CA. Sep 1, 2006 - Nature*4*Science, Inc. a leading supplier of premium quality raw materials , announced today that it has received Kosher OU approval and certification for its line of garlic products: New-Gar® It is part of the company’s on-going effort to fulfill all facets of the dietary supplement markets. The "OU" symbol is reserved for food products prepared and packaged or served according to the strict standards of the kosher dietary laws under the Orthodox Union's supervision.

Nature*4*Science, Inc. headquartered in Anaheim, Calif., is a global supplier of dietary supplement and functional food ingredients including standardized and drug ratio garlic extracts, and other specialty supplements. All our ingredients undergo stringent quality analysis that includes heavy metal, pesticide, micro and potency.

Nature*4*Science, Inc. was founded in May 2002 by Mary Hasrouni, an industry expert. Nature*4*Science, Inc. is a distributor of herbal extracts, and unique nutraceutical ingredients, including New-Gar® -the fast becoming #1 leading nutraceutical/pharmaceutical garlic in the industry.

Nature*4*Science, Inc. also offers a variety of services such as technical, formulations, marketing/sales, as well as a private label developer working with respectable manufacturings.” Our rapidly growth secret is an old & often forgotten recipe:
Quality, service, knowledge & Integrity, declares Mrs. Hasrouni, It is not only the motto of Nature*4*Science, but it is what the company is truly all about”.

Nature*4*Science, Inc. philosophy is to provide the highest quality products at very competitive prices. “To accomplish our mission, we have strategically partnered with the growers & the manufacturers”, added Mrs. Hasrouni. “All our products are planted, grown, harvested, & processed based on discussed & agreed upon specifications set by N4S technical/ management departments and the manufacturers/strategic partners. All products are tested in-house based on USP/NF updated methods & recorded on the Certificate Of Analysis. Test results are verified & certified periodically by an accredited U.S. laboratory to keep the testing equipments calibrated. We maintain a large inventory in Southern California, & we are able to dispatch most domestic & international orders within two-three working days”. For more information on Nutraceutical/pharmaceutical garlic, & other fine products, please visit our newly upgraded website:

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