Nature's Daily Defense doubles production

Nature's Daily Defense doubles production

Nature's Daily Defense will double output of its popular Max Antioxidant product in the coming months.

Continually growing consumer interest in antioxidant dietary supplements is leading Nature's Daily Defense, a nutritional supplements maker based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, to double output in coming months of its popular Max Antioxidant product.

According to the firm's CEO, John Russo, rising consumer interest in antioxidants is in response to research findings strongly suggesting myriad health benefits.

"The Internet is playing a key role in rapidly circulating these findings among the public," says Russo. "Health conscious consumers become aware of each new finding months and even years sooner than previously. This has been a great boon to those of us manufacturing the antioxidant products nutritionists are so excited about."

Russo adds that antioxidant therapy will continue to be the focus of research into natural ways to protect the body against the damage free radicals are thought to inflict. With each new insight, demand for proven and convenient forms of antioxidants rises—seemingly overnight.

"Over the past year we doubled production, on average, every four months," says Russo. "The current production increase will help meet the surge in our mail order business."


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