Nature's Formulary Announces Website Update

Nature's Formulary, the industry’s leading marketer of Ayurvedic products today announced a major update to their web site: .

Albany, NY--

“The web site has a completely new format; starting with the content and including layout and color scheme,” said P. K. Dave, President of Nature's Formulary. The sections on Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic body types (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) have been greatly expanded and charts have been added to present the concepts. Pages dedicated to each product have also been expanded to include cross-references to synergistic and complementary items. In addition to product recommendations, each page also includes tips on life style changes, diet, exercise and massage, for a holistic approach to improving health. “Our customers are asking us to help them set up simple, daily lifestyle plans;” indicates Susan Clark-Martinez, Customer Service Manager. “This web site update now gets the customer and visitor started on some first steps to taking charge of their own healthcare.”

Launched in 1993, this product line is the oldest Ayurvedic line in the natural product industry. Nature's Formulary markets a complete line of traditional Ayurvedic products including supplements, massage oils and soaps.

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