Nature's Formulary View on the Study Published in JAMA:

The study sampled products taken ONLY from Indian ethnic grocery stores in the Boston Area catering mainly to the Indian population. In all likelihood these products were imported illegally. No samples were tested from health food stores such as Whole Foods, Cambridge Naturals, etc.

A very small percentage of classical Ayurvedic formulations do use lead, silver, and mercury for treatment of diseases. There are elaborate 5,000 years old instructions on how to make the mixture efficacious without building toxicity. These mixtures are used under Ayurvedic physician supervision and not intended to be sold in Indian grocery stores. A few of the samples tested were classical formulas with such ingredients. The others were near the U.S. Pharmacopoeia limits, but surely could be improved.

In our opinion, the study smacks of a bias from a credentialed team that we would think rise above this. Taking a small sample of products from Indian stores and implying that all Ayurvedic formulations are toxic and that DSHEA is not working is not fair.

Nature's Formulary

Nature's Formulary's products do not contain heavy metals and are manufactured and packaged in the USA. Both the raw material suppliers and the manufacturing location are compliant with all FDA regulations related to dietary supplements. As a matter of fact the manufacturing location has been certified under the NNFA GMP certification program. Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash is made in India but under strict GMP conditions. Nature's Formulary Chyawanprash is packaged in the USA.

Nature's Formulary products are the finest Ayurvedic products available today. Please assure your customers that they are buying the highest quality material.

Our toll-free number 800 923 9338, ext. 10; for anyone who would like more information.

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