Nature's Life Passes Along Price Breaks

Cost Savings on Commodities set Industry Trend

Garden Grove, CA – “We are lowering our prices to pass along savings from our ingredient suppliers’” states Marianne Kostka, President and Owner of Nature’s Life. Effective June 17, 2002, Nature’s Life will reduce wholesale and suggested retail prices on a wide range of dietary supplements, notably Vitamin C and Vitamin E. “Raw material costs for several commodity ingredients, especially Vitamin C & E prices have decreased” Kostka noted, “we are in a position to share these savings with our customers”. Other key products with reduced pricing include saw palmetto-based men’s prostate formulas, black cohosh-based women’s menopause formulas, Glucosamine Sulfate, Co-Q10 and SAMe. Nature’s Life is releasing a simultaneous announcement to consumers about suggested retail price reductions to alert them to watch for increased savings on Nature’s Life products in their local health and natural food stores. Reduced retail prices on these important supplements will help our retail customers maintain value offerings in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

Nature’s Life is a leading supplier of quality dietary supplements and food concentrates, founded in 1970, based in Southern California. For more information, please visit us on the Web at

Sandra Stauch
Brand Manager
Nature’s Life
7180 Lampson Avenue
Garden Grove, CA
94821 T: 714-379-6500 / F: 714-379-6503
[email protected]

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