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Nature's One supports Proposition 37

Nature's One supports Proposition 37

CEO says it's devastating that some organic and natural companies put profits before the health of their customers and not be transparent about GMOs.  

Proposition 37 is a piece of legislation that will, if passed, require that genetically engineered food products be labeled as such. Although Proposition 37 only affects labeling in the state of California, it is expected to have nationwide consequences, as food manufacturers cannot realistically produce different labels for shipments destined for different states. Although this mandate will improve consumer awareness at the point of purchase, the Grocery Manufacturer's Association (GMA) and other large-scale organizations and food manufacturers are opposing Proposition 37. In fact, a recent article published by the Organic Consumers Association asserts that GMA has spent approximately $375,000 in efforts to defeat this bill. Nature’s One believes that a higher degree of transparency regarding the ingredients used to make foods—particularly those that are labeled as organic or natural—is in the best interest of the general population.

Also known as the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, Proposition 37 is designed to improve labeling practices and discourage misleading marketing tactics. This is particularly important in the organic industry, as consumers buy organic products because of the quality of ingredients. Without clear labeling, products that claim to be organic or natural may not actually meet the standards that consumers expect to be met. For this reason, Nature's One is dedicated to supporting Proposition 37 and encouraging consumers to speak out about the importance of proper food labeling.

But the controversy does not end with the fight for labels on products containing genetically engineered ingredients. The previously cited article also asserts that some highly-trusted natural and organic brands are actually owned by larger corporations that have donated to the opposition of Proposition 37. Consumers who are buying some of these brands are actually contributing to the funds their parent companies are using to fight the passage of Proposition 37.

"The dismay that the Nature's One team feels about this issue is indescribable," comments Jay Highman, CEO of Nature's One. "We are in the business of creating organic products to benefit our customers. We don't want to fool them and we certainly aren't ashamed to clearly list our products' ingredients. Companies that produce real organic and natural items should never balk at informing consumers about their product. It is devastating how these companies can put profits before the health of their customers—and this is exactly why we are fighting for Prop 37. We at Nature's One believe organic companies should put the health of their customers first and that integrity and honesty are still important in business."

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