Nature's Own partners with the Heart Foundation

Nature's Own partners with the Heart Foundation

15 Nature’s Own products will also carry a heart health message along with the Heart Foundation’s endorsement for quality.

Luke Fitzgerald, Director of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, the owners of Nature’s Own said the partnership recognised the misunderstandings many Australians still had about omega-3 and heart health.

"While the importance of omega-3 for maintaining heart health is well understood by healthcare professionals, recent research shows that 40 percent of Australians either don’t know or are unsure of the connection," he said.

"The same research also showed that three in five Australians don’t eat the Heart Foundation’s recommended two to three serves of oily fish each week.

"That’s why this partnership will see Nature’s Own support the Heart Foundation’s research and community education programs. Some 15 Nature’s Own products will also carry a heart health message along with the Heart Foundation’s endorsement for quality."

In order to receive quality endorsement from the Heart Foundation the 15 Nature’s Own fish oil products were subject to independent quality testing to prove they:

  • always contain a minimum 300mg of combined omega-3 EPA / DHA* per capsule or dose
  • always contain the omega-3 EPA / DHA levels outlined on pack
  • retain that same amount of EPA / DHA throughout their shelf life without degrading
    In addition Nature’s Own needed to prove that those products:
  • fully comply with all government mandated levels for heavy metals including mercury and lead
  • are only sourced from ocean fresh wild fish or seafood in accordance with international conventions and standards to protect wildlife such as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
  • are always created in accordance with the highest international quality standard ISO 9001

"Nature’s Own is the first fish oil supplier to submit its products to the Heart Foundation for independent testing and we are proud that they have been recognised for their high quality. As new products are launched we will continue to submit them for Heart Foundation approval," Luke said.

"We will also be reviewing our own labels and other consumer information to make recommended omega-3 intake for heart health messages as clear as possible."

CEO of the National Heart Foundation of Australia, Dr Lyn Roberts, said the move was an extension of the Heart Foundation’s long established position of promoting fish oil supplements to help Australians achieve a healthy consumption rate of omega-3 fatty acids.

"Since 2008 we’ve had a scientific position paper which has recommended all adult Australians consume about 500 mg of omega-3 every day from oily fish or fish oil supplements," Dr Roberts said. "We hope this will help Australians understand the need and benefits of consuming oily fish and fish oils, and assist them in making informed decisions on their choice of fish oil

product based on our quality testing," she said.


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