Naturex Successfully Opposes Lawsuit By Sabinsa

NATUREX, Inc., a manufacturer of plant extracts for the food, flavor and nutraceutical industries, announced that it successfully concluded the lawsuit filed against it by Sabinsa Corporation and Sami Chemicals & Extracts, Ltd.

Sabinsa filed suit against NATUREX, Inc. alleging that NATUREX contributorily, and/or induced infringement of its ’382 patent, entitled “Use of Piperine as a Bioavailability Enhancer”.
Piperine is a bioactive alkaloid extracted from, and is one of the major compounds found in, black pepper and long pepper. NATUREX counterclaimed, alleging, among other things, that Sabinsa was engaged in unfair competition and improperly sought to assert patent rights against NATUREX.

As part of its settlement with NATUREX, Sabinsa withdrew all of its allegations that NATUREX infringed, in many manner, its ’382 patent, as well as all of its claims for damages in connection with its allegations. NATUREX, throughout the litigation, contended that it had not infringed directly or contributorily or induced any others to infringe Sabinsa’s ‘382 patent.

NATUREX’ President, Jacques Dikansky, stated that he was “extremely gratified by the result and by the vindication of his company’s position”.

NATUREX offers a complete line of plant extracts with flavoring, coloring, antioxidant or nutraceutical properties. These extracts are then integrated by NATUREX’ industrial customers into products for public consumption including food products or food supplements. From the purchasing of the vegetable raw materials and the development and quality control laboratories to the industrial equipment, NATUREX controls all the stages of the manufacturing process.

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