NBC Today Show SpotlightS “Healthy Hemp Foods”

Segment Features Leading Hemp Food Brands Including Manitoba Harvest

Winnipeg, Manitoba (January 16, 2007) – Today, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils was among the products featured in a food segment on the NBC Today Show. The segment highlighted hemp as a nutritional powerhouse that has many convenient culinary uses.

NBC’s food editor and resident expert, Phil Lempert, led the discussion. “These are going to be the hottest products in 2007,” said Lempert, whom is also known as the Supermarket Guru. “This is powerful nutrition,” added Lempert. Several hemp foods and beverages were displayed including Manitoba Harvest’s Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Butter, and Today Show hosts Ann Curry and Natalie Morales tasted many of the hemp food products on the set and their reaction was very favorable. “When we are concerned about health & nutrition, these products make it easy for us to really get a lot of good nutrition,” noted Lempert.

“People are finding out that hemp foods are extremely nutritious - and then they try them and discover that they have a great flavor and gourmet appeal,” says Mike Fata, President and co-founder of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils. “Having a leading mainstream news source like the NBC Today Show feature hemp foods is a validation that hemp is in fact one of the hottest food trends in North America,” adds Fata.

Vote Hemp, an advocacy group that vigorously promotes the reestablishment of hemp agriculture in the U.S., estimates that consumers in America will purchase $300 million in hemp products this year. In each of the past several years, industry-wide annual sales have grown by at least 50%. This year PROFIT Magazine featured Manitoba Harvest in its PROFIT 100 list as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. Over the past 5 years, Manitoba Harvest’s sales have grown more than 1,000%. Manitoba Harvest has announced Hemp Bliss, an organic non dairy hempmilk that is expected to propel the next round of rapid growth.

“Foods that offer omega-3 essential fatty acids like hemp are hot because medical evidence touting the health benefits continues to grow,” notes Fata. Hemp foods also have a strong digestible protein profile, fiber and an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Manitoba Harvest is a sustainable agriculture pioneer that is leading the way for hemp to be the next agricultural success story in North America. In the 1990’s activist and co-founder Martin Moravcik worked with the Manitoba and Canadian governments to re-legalize hemp agriculture. The goal of reintroducing hemp farming came to fruition in 1998 when the Canadian government began issuing hemp farming licenses and he partnered with Mike Fata and Alex Chwaiewsky to form Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils. The company is now the largest hemp foods-only processor in North America.

Manitoba Harvest contracts more than 6,000 acres of hemp seed production in Manitoba with more than 20 farmers that are shareholders in the company. They process the raw seed into organic hemp seed oil, shelled hemp seed, hemp seed butter, hemp protein powder and new Hemp Bliss – a line of non dairy hempmilk. Manitoba Harvest products are made at their kosher and USDA certified organic facility and distributed to thousands of stores in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan, and their products are sold as bulk ingredients to food and cosmetic manufacturers. For more information, please visit www.manitobaharvest.com.

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