NBJ's 2004 Business Achievement Awards

Every year, Nutrition Business Journal solicits the industry for nominations for its annual awards of excellence. The awards are determined by an internal committee of NBJ staff and editorial advisory board members. The 2004 NBJ awards will be presented in a special ceremony at the NBJ Newport Summit in California later this month. Here, we preview some of the winners:

Growth in Suppliers
Gold: Over the past three years, Ocean Nutrition Canada has reeled in sales at a compounded annual rate of 56 per cent. In 2004, the company reported growth of 100 per cent to exceed $35 million in sales. As one of the largest manufacturers of omega-3 fish oil concentrates, the company expects another sales boost based on the MEG-3 ?brand of omega-3 EPA/DHA ingredients and introduction of a powdered food ingredient.

Silver: LycoRed Natural Products for nearly doubling sales of LycoMato, a natural tomato lycopene extract, and expanding sales into the $25-30 million range. Contributing to growth were: GRAS approval for food fortification; filing of a qualified health claim for reduced risk of prostate cancer; and published clinical trials supporting the superior performance of LycoMato over synthetic lycopene.

The NBJ/Newport Summit
When: July 20-22, 2005
Where: Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel, California
Contact: www.newportsummit.com
Bronze: Contract manufacturer Main Street Ingredients expanded revenues by more than 40 per cent in 2004 for projected sales of $55 million. Manufacturing volumes rose by 35 per cent last year.

Bronze: Draco Natural Product?s expansion into the cosmetics industry in 2004 boosted company revenues by 35 per cent within the first seven months. Draco?s new cosmetics division manufactures bioactive botanical ingredients and includes the company?s new Vital Treasures, designed for both topical and internal applications. Draco?s wholly owned 120,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is the first in China to be certified organic.

Product Awards: Suppliers
Pharmanex for its BioPhotonic Scanner, which measures carotenoid antioxidant levels in the skin. The scanner boosted LifePak supplement sales in the US by 84 per cent from its launch in February 2003 through December 2004. A study published by the American College of Nutrition showed that the scanner is a more reliable measurement of carotenoid antioxidant status than conventional blood serum methods.

EcoNugenics for PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin, derived from the peel and pulp of citrus fruit. PectaSol is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream than other pectins because the molecular weight and chain lengths have been modified through enzymatic degradation, the company says. PectaSol is known mostly for studies showing its effects on inhibiting cancer metastasis and reducing tumour growth.

Cargill Health & Food Technology for CoroWise brand plant sterols, the foundation for several high-profile products launched in 2004. Coca-Cola?s Minute Maid Heartwise containing CoroWise plant sterols outperformed other heart-healthy orange juices by 37 per cent in terms of market share, according to Cargill.

Sabinsa Corp for ForsLean, a natural extract of Coleus forskohlii roots for weight management. Its patent was awarded an R&D Council of New Jersey?s 2004 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award. Clinical studies in the US and India completed in 2004 confirm the safety and efficacy of ForsLean.

Jarrow Formulas for familE, a vitamin E formulation using all four members of the tocopherol family, plus all four members of the tocotrienol family; Flax Essence, the first flax lignan supplement standardised at 20 per cent; and Liver PF, a blend that includes PolyPC, ALA, cytidine and silymarin.

Hero Nutritionals for CinnaBeticII, a water-based cinnamon extract designed to promote glucose metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity. While whole cinnamon and fat-soluble extracts contain potentially harmful toxins, water extraction removes dangerous compounds. CinnaBeticII is made with a patented water extract of cinnamon, Cinnulin PF.

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