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NeoCell Enters European Mass Market

NeoCell, a leader in the natural supplement and skin care industries, is embarking on a European tour this month to expand its overseas presence and to look for a winery in France to produce its popular resveratrol product, Reversitall Plus.

NeoCell is attending the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) show in Dublin from October 4-6. The company is showcasing its products, including its popular collagen lineup, to some of the top retailers and distributors in the European health and beauty sector.

"We've seen a dramatic increase in sales of our products in the U.S. in the past couple of years", said NeoCell Vice President, Darren Rude. "We are confident that we will see similar growth as we increase our presence in Europe."

A team from NeoCell will also be visiting wineries in France to look for European production facilities for Reversitall Plus. Reversitall Plus is a unique blend of red wine, Muscadine grapes and grape seed extract that provides a daily dose of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant thought to be a key element of the "French paradox." NeoCell has found that French wine has the highest level of resveratrol because of the climate that the grapes are grown in. In the U.S., Reversitall Plus is produced at a California winery.

"NeoCell is the first nutrition company to put real French red wine resveratrol in a nutition product," said Rude. "A production facility in France will ensure that we can produce the highest quality product possible and meet the consumer demand we anticipate."

For more information on NeoCell's full line of nutritional supplements, visit or call 1-800-346-2922.


NeoCell Corporation is a leader in the natural supplement, skin care and health and wellness industries. The company's product line includes the popular Super Collagen(TM), ImmuCell(R), Kolla2(R), chicken collagen, Pomegranate Power(R), and Reversitall Plus(TM), featuring Resveratrol. With headquarters in Newport Beach, Calif., NeoCell Corporation operates throughout the United States and Europe through distributors, wholesalers and direct response marketing. NeoCell's products are available at Costco Wholesale, Sam's Clubs, Whole Foods Market, GNC, Walgreens and most health food stores, as well as online at

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