Nestle Confectionary Starts Calorie Guide Labelling on All Sides of Product Packaging

From 1 October 2008, Nestle Confectionary KK will become the first domestic confectionary company to start clearly displaying in large type a “calorie guide” on all sides of their products’ packaging. Existing products only had calorific information written as part of the nutritional information on the back of the packaging; the new move will see calorific content labelled on all sides of every product, including Nestle’s flagship product, KitKat. The at-a-glance calorie guide will show the product’s calorific content side by side with a percentage showing what proportion of the required daily intake of calories for an average Japanese person (2,100 kcal) the product represents. This is the first such move in the confectionary industry since mandatory health checks were introduced, which have seen people’s interest in calorific information rise suddenly.

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