NeuroNutrition, Inc., Introduces New Products

(Boulder, CO - July 7, 2005) NeuroNutrition, Inc., announces the rollout of three new products in their range of top quality natural products. These three products are Omega-3- Rich Neptune Krill Oil™, Kolorex and a Natural Hormone Profile Test Kit.

Neptune Krill Oil™ is 100 percent natural and scientifically validated to promote cellular integrity and cardiovascular function. Mercury Free Omega 3, Krill provides more benefits than either fish oil or flax seed, supports nerve and brain function, provides joint support, maintains healthy skin and supplies anti-oxidant nourishment.

Kolorex Advanced Intestinal Care allows the body to maintain normal levels of Candida in the system. Containing a 100 percent natural CO2 extract of the New Zealand botanical, Horopito, this product has been clinically proven to help maintain normal levels with just one capsule daily.

This state-of-the-art diagnostic saliva test, appropriate for both women and men, the Hormone Profile Test Kit assesses hormonal levels and determines an estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA formula that matches the specific body chemistry and hormonal symptoms of the person using it. A bio-identical hormone program is then custom-made to perfectly restore the body’s unique hormonal balance.

To place an order or for more information on NeuroNutrition, call 877-415-1900 or visit <>.

NeuroNutrition, Inc., created by several veteran supplement industry executives, was formed to supply products that prevent and treat conditions related to cardiovascular support, cognitive health, blood sugar management, immune system support, energy, endurance, yeast/fungal care and other areas that enhance consumer health and quality of life. NeuroNutrition products are unique, innovative, scientifically documented and protected by intellectual property by patents and trademarks.

All NeuroNutrition products are scientifically validated nutritional supplements and topical aids that offer viable, effective alternatives to less effective nutritional supplements currently on the market.


Darrin C. Duber-Smith
303-258-8305 or 866-415-1900

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