NeuroScience launches adrenal health solutions

NeuroScience launches adrenal health solutions

New Calm-CP targets elevated cortisol levels, while an updated formulation of AdreCor addresses depletions in adrenal biochemistry.

NeuroScience Inc., a national leader in personalized health care solutions, has enhanced its adrenal product suite by introducing Calm-CP, which targets elevated cortisol levels, as well as an updated formulation of AdreCor, which addresses depletions in adrenal biochemistry.
Poor adrenal function is associated with a wide range of energy, mood, weight and cognition disorders. Anxiousness, fatigue and sleep difficulties are among the primary symptoms, which affect millions of Americans.

Calm-CP offers focused, calming support for patients with anxiousness, sleep difficulties, lack of cognitive focus, and other symptoms of over-stimulation. The active ingredient is SerinAid®, the highest-quality phosphatidylserine on the market today. Calm-CP joins Calm-PRT in NeuroScience’s adrenal product suite.

AdreCor provides support for fatigue, low mood, lack of initiation and other symptoms of under-stimulation. The updated formulation includes 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) and B-12 as methylcobalamin for improved bioavailability and enhanced general cell health. In addition to the 180-count bottle, a 90-count product is now available.

“With the support of NeuroScience’s diagnostic clinical test assessments, licensed health care practitioners are able to pinpoint their patients’ specific adrenal levels and recommend clinically effective, targeted interventions,” said Bradley Bush, ND, NeuroScience clinical director. “We are proud to utilize best-in-class science to support clinicians in offering new options for personalized adrenal treatment.”

Calm-CP and the newly-formulated AdreCor enhance NeuroScience’s existing line of proprietary nutraceuticals, which includes products that modulate GABA/glutamate and that support serotonin and catecholamine. NeuroScience’s products are available exclusively through licensed health care practitioners.

Seminars and webinars on improving adrenal health are available to clinicians. For more information or to register, go to

About NeuroScience Inc.
NeuroScience is committed to delivering personalized health care solutions. In conjunction with Pharmasan Labs Inc., a state-of-the-art, CLIA-certified specialty reference laboratory, we provide licensed health care providers with both integrative clinical assessments and proprietary nutraceuticals to identify and target neurological and hormonal imbalances. Through our Assess & Address™ approach, NeuroScience empowers forward-thinking clinicians to better understand each patient’s unique biochemistry, and guide him or her toward optimal health. For more information, visit

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