New Auto-tapper frees lodged pellets from classifier

Witte Co. innovation stops blockages, advances pellets to discharge.

A new Auto-tapper for pellet classifiers from process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co., Washington, N.J., automatically frees off-spec pellets lodged in the screening deck. Featuring a pneumatic actuator set on an adjustable cycle timer, the Witte Auto-tapper induces a small resonance through the perforated classifier deck that coordinates with the linear vibrating action to gently jolt any pellets blocking the screen and permit their continued movement towards the reject discharge while opening the holes to allow on-spec pellets to slide through the screen. The nearly silent process occurs without human supervision to free personnel from monitoring the classifier to other tasks.

Ideal for separating plastic pellets, chemicals, food ingredients, animal feeds, sludge and other pelletized products, the Witte Auto-tapper is considered when the pellets are sticky, crumbly or when a high percentage are likely to be off-spec. The Auto-tapper is available as an option on the company’s entire line of pellet classifiers and may be retrofit on Witte classifiers in the field.

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