New from Ayurceutics, Mangosteen Superior antioxidant - Triple-standardized

Ayurceutics is proud to launch their newest product, a high potency extract of the tropical fruit, Mangosteen. This xanthone-rich, proprietary blend of Mangosteen extracts is a superior antioxidant with two capsules having an ORAC value of over 4,000. The advanced formula provides high levels of the beneficial compounds Gamma-mangostin, a xanthone, together with flavonoids and tannins.

Mangosteen, along with all Ayurceutics products, is manufactured to the following environmental standards:

• Vegetarian capsules and tablets with no animal-derived ingredients
• Extraction using only pure water & alcohol, not toxic solvents
• Non-irradiated herbs
• Organic cotton stuffing

Mangosteen is available in bottles containing 60 vegetarian capsules.

More information on Mangosteen and all Ayurceutics products is available at

Ken Seguine
[email protected]

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