New book, Beauty Without the Beasts offers practical tips for humane living

Lantern Books has released Beauty Without the Beasts: A Guide to Cruelty-Free Personal Care, by Heather Chase, founder of Arizona-based Models with Conscience, an international group of models of various ages and sizes dedicated to promoting cruelty-free products and causes. The book is now available from Lantern Books (, in bookstores, and in the Products section of the Models with Conscience Web site (

Beauty Without the Beasts provides information and tools to help consumers choose animal-friendly personal care products, apparel, food, entertainment, and more. Beautifully illustrated and written, it offers specific product guidelines and background information on what products contain animal ingredients and how readers can identify them.

Best-selling author Susan McElroy declares, “This wonderful book teaches us that being beautiful in body, heart, and spirit is easily within our reach. The cruelty-free product lists contained in Beauty Without the Beasts are the most extensive I've ever seen, and easily worth the cost of the book. Heather Chase shows us that saving the world, saving our integrity, and saving our faces can be sheer delight!”

Highlights of Beauty Without the Beasts include:

  • A listing of over 600 makers of household and personal care products that do not test on animals
  • Identification of animal materials commonly used in apparel, including fur, leather, ivory, silk, etc.
  • Benefits of a plant-based diet, listing specific product suggestions for meat and dairy alternatives
  • Practical approaches to humane living, including health charities that do not fund animal experiments
  • Exploration of humanity’s spiritual relationship with animals, with related stories from various faiths
  • Helpful books, companies, and charities offering more details on topics introduced in the book

Chase, 28, serves as Awards Plaque Presenter for the annual Genesis Awards (a nationally televised event honoring major media figures who are helping to increase public awareness of animal issues). She is recipient of a commendation from The Giraffe Project and a “Positive Notes” award from the Earth Island Journal for her work on behalf of animals. Models with Conscience has been featured in publications in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Beauty without the Beasts
A Guide to Cruelty-Free Personal Care
By Heather Chase
Book (Paperback)
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
144 pages
September 2001

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