New Borealis Borpact(TM) polypropylene delivers transparency and impact resistance for deep freeze packaging

Borealis introduced Borpact™ SG930MO, a clarified polypropylene (PP), to satisfy shoppers’ growing demand for transparent packaging that is deep freeze resistant. Two years of development and trials resulted in Borpact SG930MO, a significant expansion of packaging materials for producers of deep freeze products, such as ice cream.

Development of the new clarified Borpact PP was triggered by increasing marketing emphasis on the display value of frozen desserts, combined with a lack of material choice available to converters to achieve that goal. This display trend is particularly evident in the ice cream market. “We strive to present the unique attributes of our premium brands and products in a way that appeals to the consumer and Borpact SG930MO offers that solution” says Gijs Van Schoot, Materials Group Manager Packaging, Unilever Foods Europe.

Borpact clarified PP overcomes the technical challenge of combining transparency and low temperature impact in thin wall, injection mouldable PP, and delivers additional productivity benefits. This new packaging material offers the converter easy multi-cavity mould filling at wall thicknesses as low as 0.6mm. Due to post-moulding, good form stability and an optimized additive package, this new clarified Borpact PP exhibits the best demoulding and destacking properties currently available for transparent, deep freeze impact resistant materials.

In addition to transparent ice cream packaging, new clarified Borpact SG930MO is already seen as having a good fit with other food and houseware applications such as freezer boxes, bread bins and storage boxes. It is also suitable for a wider range of industrial packaging such as pails for colored, water-based paints, for which transparency is a key requirement.

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