New Canadian Human Trial Supports Wide-scope CVD Benefits of CarDiabeat(TM)

Enzymotec announces a new human clinical trial that further supports carDiabeatTM's heart-related benefits with superior effects on the body's total lipid profile.

Recently, a year and a half long clinical study has been concluded, conducted by Prof. Peter Jones at the Mary Emily Clinical Research Unit in McGill University, Canada. Initial results suggest that carDiabeatTM shows significantly better results on the body's total lipid profile in comparison to other supplements in the market.

In this trial, the diets of healthy, moderately overweight volunteers with elevated serum lipid levels were supplemented with carDiabeatTM and commercially available supplements. The objectives of the trial were tested using a randomised, single blind, cross-over clinical intervention. Bio-markers in the plasma, such as total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and total triglycerides levels, were monitored.

"Cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and obesity have one thing in common and this is the abnormal lipid profile found in the blood of people suffering from these disorders or prone to develop them", says Dr. Dori Pelled, Director of Clinical Research at Enzymotec.

The results of this study show that carDiabeatTM can simultaneously decrease the main risk factors associated with CVD such as high blood levels of LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides or high cholesterol/HDL ratio. "We see carDiabeatTM as a new concept to the heart health related dietary supplements market, which we can describe as Total Lipid Management", concludes Dr. Pelled.

carDiabeatTM, with its proprietary combination of natural active lipids, can also serve as a platform for other essential nutrients important for diabetes or CVD management. It can be applied in a variety of formulations and applications including dietary supplements, nutrition bars, and a variety of functional foods and beverages.
Enzymotec is a biotech company, which develops advanced, innovative lipid-based ingredients for the nutraceutical and functional foods markets.

Ms. Sagit Betser, Marketing Manager
Enzymotec Ltd.
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: +972-4-6443799

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