New Chapter Is First to Satisfy USDA's National Organic Program Standards for Multivitamins

BRATTLEBORO, VT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/17/2005 -- The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not regulate supplements under its National Organic Program (NOP) because most supplements by and large are not considered food. But one company hopes to change that view by being the first to create a formulation of multivitamins made with organic food ingredients.

New Chapter Inc. has re-launched its probiotic multivitamin line, which includes more than 20 different products, using the standards of the USDA's National Organic Program as a guideline.

"Most people would prefer to get their nutrients from food, and organic food if possible," says Tom Newmark, president of New Chapter and co-author of, "The Life Bridge: The Way to Longevity with Probiotic Nutrients." "So we've taken organic fruits and vegetables and fermented them with vitamins and minerals to bio-transform the nutrients into a whole food made with organic ingredients."

New Chapter is the first supplement company that has voluntarily had its multivitamin probiotics reviewed and approved to NOP standards by a USDA-accredited, third-party certifier.

"Last year, I issued a challenge to New Chapter to create a truly organic multivitamin," said Katherine DiMatteo, executive director of the Organic Trade Association. "The company proved to the supplement industry that it could indeed be done."

Newmark feels this will set a new criterion for the industry, and is optimistic that the USDA will eventually include supplements under the umbrella of the National Organic Program.

"Consumers want to be assured that they are purchasing products that are truly organic," says Newmark, "but regulation is sorely needed if we plan to expand the organic movement."

New Chapter Organics probiotic multivitamins will be available in health food stores nationwide starting in June. To find a store near you, go to

About the Company:

New Chapter Inc. was founded by Paul Schulick more than 25 years ago with the mission to develop nutrients for consumers that retained the complexity and wholeness found in nature. It has become one of the fastest growing multivitamin brands in the industry. With a Costa Rican farm that is one of the world's models for organic sustainable farming in the rainforest, they produce products made of pure food and herbs without the use of chemical isolates or solvents.

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