New Chelated Vitamin and Mineral LolliPop Delivers for Kids

CLEVELAND, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Kangaroo Kids NutraPops(R) are being introduced to U.S. food, mass and drug stores this fall as the newest and safest alternative for children's vitamin and mineral supplement support.

Earlier this summer, "The Journal of the American Medical Association" reversed its 20-year stand on daily vitamin and mineral supplement importance from not necessary to take "one-a-day."

Now a friendly and convenient innovation delivers essential nutrients as prescribed by U.S. RDA guidelines in a safe, friendly and convenient form, the Lollipop.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are required to support children's overall health and well being. Children's consumption of vitamins and minerals is now, more so than ever, being endorsed and supported by pediatrician recommendations for child development.

Parents polled desire to be proactive and "good responsible parents." Vitamins are viewed by parents as a form of prevention, reducing the likelihood and severity of illness. Most parents agree that time and lifestyle constraints stress family health and wellness. Innovative, affordable wellness enhancing alternatives provide solutions and relief for parents who want to support their children's overall health and nutrition.

Marketing efforts are being targeted at parents and pediatricians with safety, efficacy and child compliance as the key benefits. Improvita Health Products Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio) manufactures and distributes children and adult wellness and symptoms relief products such as Runny Rhino Cold Relief Pops(R), Gassy Gator Tummy Pops(R) and Kangaroo Kids Nutra Pops(R).

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