New Citra-Wood™ Furniture Polish Offers Natural Alternative to Confusing Petroleum- Based “Orange” Polishes

Ridgefield, CT—Citra-Solv, LLC, manufacturer of naturally-derived household and personal care products, has announced the addition of a natural furniture polish—Citra-Wood™—to its growing family of “Citra”-branded products. According to Citra-Solv, LLC Executive Manager Steve Zeitler, new Citra-Wood provides a natural alternative to petroleum-based wood polishes that contain some citrus oils. “There’s been a lot of disinformation out there in the past few years, and some consumers have been led to believe that all orange-based wood polishes are natural and petroleum-free,” says Zeitler. “Unfortunately, most orange and citrus-labeled polishes contain petroleum and other harsh chemical ingredients. With the introduction of Citra-Wood, consumers now have a natural wood polish and preservative that contains absolutely no petroleum distillates, artificial fragrances or dyes.”

Citra-Wood comes in an 8-ounce bottle with a convenient pump-spray top. The package label echoes the popular “Citra” graphics found on other products from Citra-Solv, LLC. Inside, Citra- Wood’s blend of real citrus extracts and orange oils is the perfect preservative and polish for all types of wood furniture and fine wood paneling. Because of the product’s high citrus content, Citra-Wood also leaves a natural, pleasant orange scent after each use.

The combination of naturally-derived cleaning agents and fragrant citrus aromas has been the key to success for Citra-Solv, LLC. The company’s original product, Citra-Solv® natural cleaner and degreaser, is America’s #1 Natural Household Cleaner*, and has been the catalyst behind the company’s line extensions such as Citra-Solv® Ready-To-Use spray, Citra-Dish® liquid, Citra-Suds® laundry liquid, and Citra-Clear™ glass and surface cleaner.

For more information, contact Citra-Solv, LLC at (800) 343-6588, via e-mail at [email protected] com or via the world wide web at The company may also be contacted at Citra-Solv, LLC, P.O. Box 2597, Danbury, CT 06813-2597, or via fax at (203) 778-0911. As with all Citra-Solv, LLC products, qualified retailers, wholesalers and distributors are welcomed to ask for free samples via phone, fax, e-mail or in writing.

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