New Clinical Trial Set To Beat the Common Cold

EPI, makers of Moducare®, the Leader in Daily Immune System Health, launch study on the common cold, 240 people involved

JANUARY 26, 2004 – Can sick days be a thing of the past? EPI (Essential Phytosterolins Inc.) believes it just might be possible…and they're putting their money where their mouth is. In December 2003, EPI received approval from Health Canada to sponsor a new clinical trial to test the effectiveness of Moducare®, a proprietary blend of plant sterols and sterolins, for the prevention of the common cold. The goal of the clinical trial will be to measure its ability to prevent the common cold in average, healthy adults.

“This trial has important and exciting implications for the health of all Canadians,” says Matthew James, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at EPI. “We’re thrilled that the trial can get underway and are confident the results will support what our existing research and our thousands of customers worldwide already tell us…that Moducare®’s benefits to immune system health can help prevent the common cold.”

The common cold continues to be the most widespread viral infection in the world. In North America alone, estimates suggest there are more than 61 million cases of the common cold, resulting in more than 45 million sick days per year. With 90% of Canadians catching one or more colds per year, colds are the leading cause of visits to the doctor and the number one reason for job and school absenteeism. With 200+ different viruses in existence, the average adult contracts between 2-5 colds per year while school-age children can contract up to 8 colds per year.

Moducare® already backed by a decade of extensive clinical research
As the pioneering product in plant sterols and sterolins for immune system health, with numerous clinical studies under its belt, Moducare® wants to make a dent in these cold statistics. Over a decade of clinical research has shown that Moducare® balances the immune system, strengthening a weakened system and modulating an overactive system, which results in improved ability to ward off infection and disease, with no negative side effects. In 1997, Moducare® was the first to introduce the tremendous benefits of plant sterols and sterolins to the North American market and subsequently opened up a new category of immune system health supplements.

Clinical trial results due in April 2004
The trial will take place at two sites in the ‘Golden Horseshoe’ area of southern Ontario, including the Human Nutraceutical Research Unit at the University of Guelph, and will involve 240 healthy men and women, 18 years and older. The researchers will look at frequency of cold infection as well as duration of symptoms and safety of Moducare® during the trial period.

Participants in this double-blind, randomized study will receive either Moducare® capsules three times daily or a placebo for three months. The participants will also keep a daily journal noting any changes in their health, and will visit with the research team once a month for a check-up. Any individuals who have had a flu shot, have been taking an immune-boosting supplement such as Echinacea or suffer from a pre-existing health condition will be excluded from the trial.

Moducare® is the winner of multiple awards from the North American natural health industry, including the Canadian Health Food Association alive Magazine Gold Award for Best Nutritional Supplement in 2000, 2001 and 2002, the 2002 Product Merit Award from The Nutrition Business Journal, and the 2002 Gold Vity Award from Vitamin Retailer for “Best Immune Supplement”. In 2003, Moducare®’s new chewable format, designed with children and seniors in mind, won the CHFA alive Magazine Silver Award for Best New Chewable Product.

David Chapman, President of Purity Life Health Products, the Canadian distributor of Moducare®, says, “Over the past five years, since giving Moducare® to our employees for free, we’ve noticed a significant decrease in sick days. This has been great for productivity. We believe in this product and have seen its benefits in action.”

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EPI (Essential Phytosterolins, Inc.) is the proud distributor of Moducare® products in the United States and in Canada, through its sister company, Purity Life Health Products. EPI/Purity Life distribute Moducare®, ModuProst® and ModuChol® to thousands of retailers and health care professionals across North America. For more information about EPI, call 1-866-485-3757, or the Consumer Hotline at 1-877-297-7332, and visit the website:

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