New Comprehensive Enzyme Therapy Guide Identifies Enzymes, Inc. Formulations

Parkville, Mo. (November 9, 2005) - Enzyme therapy has the potential to be the next frontier in health care. In her new book, MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes, Dr. Ellen Cutler helps to usher the work of Dr. Edward Howell, and other enzyme research pioneers, into the 21st century.

The main premise of enzyme therapy stems from improper digestion. Miniscule, undigested particles of food make their way into the blood stream where they can wreck havoc. These undigested troublemakers may be the underlying cause in many different chronic conditions. In MicroMiracles Dr. Cutler explains through case studies and other research, how taking digestive enzyme supplements provides relief from many health related issues.

Enzymes, Inc. has worked closely with Dr. Cutler for many years. Her BioSET line of enzyme supplements is available exclusively through Enzymes, Inc. to health care practitioners only. The WellZymes product line provides benefits parallel to the professional products, and have proven perfect for the health conscious consumer. In fact, the enzyme formulations described in the new book are completely compatible with the WellZymes product line.

Visit to purchase the new book at a reduced price, as well as peruse products from the WellZymes line of enzyme supplements.

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