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New Discovery to Extract Hydroxytyrosol From the Pulp of Organic Olives Leads to Development of Olivenol™

Hayward, CA—Forget olive stems and pits. Leave the olive leaf behind. A new technological breakthrough from CreAgri now shows that the olive’s greatest health benefits come from its water. And that new Olivenol™, a dietary supplement produced from the water of organic olives, provides the highest concentration of HYDROXYTYROSOL, one of the most potent natural antioxidants.

Olivenol™ is the first and only dietary supplement in the world to contain hydroxytyrosol, the primary polyphenol antioxidant found in the pulp of olives. The new supplement is available in tablets, vegetarian capsules or liquid form.

Worldwide research indicates that hydroxytyrosol, typically found in extra virgin olive oil, is among the most potent antioxidant found in nature and provides most of the health benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet. CreAgri has developed a new proprietary process to isolate this important compound from the water contained in the pulp of olives.

In its efforts to redefine practices in the olive industry, CreAgri uncovered surprising beneficial properties in olive water, the otherwise wasted by-product of extra virgin olive oil extraction. A closer examination of olive water by CreAgri founder and biotech pioneer, Dr. Roberto Crea, revealed it to be an antioxidant powerhouse.

“While polyphenol antioxidants are present in olive oil, the water extracted from the pulp contains even greater concentrations—300 to 500 times greater,” said Dr. Crea. “These polyphenols include hydroxytyrosol, the polyphenol identified as having the highest free-radical protection ever reported for an antioxidant compound.”

In fact, the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), or industry measurement of antioxidant activity, demonstrates that pure hydroxytyrosol has an ORAC value of approximately 27,000 compared to other antioxidants like oleuropein (olive leaf) which measures at 12,000, epicatechin (green tea) at 8,100, proanthocyanidins (grape seed) at 6,200.

Olivenol™ is the first antioxidant made from the olive fruit, or pulp, and contains HIDROX™, CreAgri’s patented form of hydroxytyrosol.

New Technology from CreAgri Delivers Both and Industry Solution and Widespread Consumer Health Benefits.

CreAgri is the first company to use proprietary technology to redefine practices in the olive oil industry by extracting wastewater generated from the production of extra virgin olive oil and turning it into a valuable source of antioxidant compounds. The company has two U.S. patents on its processes for recovering hydroxytyrosol from olive water and a third patent on composition of matter. CreAgri’s patented technological breakthrough is called Integrale™, and it produces olive water that is free from pit impurities and high in active antioxidants.

CreAgri has developed the proprietary, two-step method, which first removes the pits before olives are pressed to extract oil, a crucial step to ensuring high-yield antioxidant recovery. In traditional oil extraction methods, pits are not removed prior to milling, which results in impure olive water that the industry typically disposes of as waste.

In its second patented step, CreAgri processes the polyphenolic-rich olive water to avoid air and bacterial oxidation and to further release the highest quantities of hydroxytyrosol.

The Integrale™ process provides an economical solution to the most troublesome problem in the olive oil industry—it eliminates the production of an otherwise waste product. Most importantly, however, the Integrale process allows CreAgri to produce Olivenol™, an unprecedented good health discovery for consumers.

Olivenol™: Nature’s New Gift for Preserving Good Health

The natural antioxidant benefits of the olive are well documented and continue to capture the interest of medical science and the media. Polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil have been linked to healthier breast tissue, improved colon function, lowered cholesterol, and better cardiovascular health, as well as the reduction of stress from secondary smoke and the prevention of skin damage. Polyphenols also have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Additional benefits include better hair, skin and nails.

Olivenol™ offers the polyphenol antioxidant benefits of the Mediterranean diet without the fat and calories. One dose provides the same antioxidant effect as four to six ounces of extra virgin olive oil.

CreAgri is committed to promoting human health and well being through the creation of superior, natural products. The company focuses on the development of science-based processes that are environmentally friendly and compatible with sustainable agricultural methods. CreAgri’s headquarters are in Hayward, California. The olives grown on the company’s own organic olive ranch are carefully processed within 48 hours of harvesting.

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