New Era Nutrition Files Patent for High Carbohydrate / Low Glycemic Index Technology

Leading formulator of nutritional products and functional foods adds to its portfolio a technology able to produce low glycemic index (GI) bars rated at ‘26’ on the GI scale

New Era Nutrition Inc. has filed a US patent for its low glycemic index technology which is capable of producing low GI bars that have been scientifically tested and validated at an impressive 26 on the GI scale, with greater than 50% of ingredients from carbohydrates. Until now it has been difficult for consumers to find a carbohydrate snack or meal replacement that could fit into a low GI diet.

New Era’s low GI nutrition bar technology is available for license and is suitable for those people looking for:

• Diet and Weight Loss: Sustained energy and satiety
• Low GI Diet: An easy way to follow a high carb, low GI diet for overall health benefits
• Diabetic Friendly: A proven nutrition plan for dietary management of diabetes

The glycemic index is a ranking of carbohydrates based on their immediate effect on blood sugar (blood glucose). Carbohydrates that breakdown quickly during digestion have the highest GI levels. The lower the GI of the food, the smaller the rise in blood sugar. Anything below 55 is considered to have a low GI rating.

Until now, many weight loss solutions have been structured around a drastic reduction of carbohydrates which can lead to a state of ketosis and long term negative health implications. Other diet products promote the peak, crash and cravings associated with a sugar rush, which is counter-productive to achieving the goal of weight loss. New Era Nutrition’s low GI technology is ideal for diet products as it flattens the glucose curve, while providing satiety for several hours and recent studies have revealed that low GI diets reduce the risk of both obesity and diabetes. New Era Nutrition is introducing nutritional technology that effectively addresses both of these issues in one bar.

Combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, this new technology may help to combat major health concerns facing North Americans today. Surveys show that one in three Americans is overweight and close to 800,000 people are diagnosed with diabetes every year. “Making smart food choices that substitute a low GI food item for a high one is a step in the direction towards improved health and enhanced physical and mental performance,” says Saul Katz, President and CEO of New Era Nutrition.

New Era Nutrition Inc., an industry-leading contract research, development and production company, specializes in the formulation of nutrition bars, energy drinks and healthy bites/chews. Founded in 1989, New Era Nutrition continues to lead with innovative products backed by good science, providing product development and private label services to food, nutritional supplement and drug companies. New Era Nutrition can design differentiated products based on clients’ unique specifications working back from the end-user on an age, gender and need basis and can reduce time and cost to market with its patent-pending platform technologies. New Era Nutrition has developed an extensive pipeline of condition-targeted prototypes giving the company a head start in designing customized finished products, and offers clients turnkey solutions. To find out more, please visit:

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