New facility at Illertissen, Germany: Cognis Significantly Expands Plant Sterol Ester and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Production Capacity

Cognis continues to invest in product areas that serve the wellness trend, respond to growing consumer interest in healthy eating and meet rising global demand for functional foods and dietary supplements: On July 8, 2005, the specialty chemicals supplier unveiled a new 20 million euros high-performance facility in Illertissen, reinforcing it’s leading position in the worldwide supply of plant sterol esters and conjugated linoleic acids. These two products are available as Cognis’ Vegapure® product range and Tonalin® CLA respectively.

The new facility at Cognis’ international Nutrition & Health Competence Center in Illertissen represents the greatest single investment Cognis has made since it was founded in 1999. As an industry leader, Cognis sets the industry standard – by using proprietary technologies and guaranteeing the highest possible standards of quality and safety: not only does it comply with Cognis’ own demanding Food GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), it also meets all the criteria of the forthcoming ISO 22000, which places the highest safety requirements on companies in the food industry.

Vegapure® and Tonalin® CLA: more capacity for two successful product lines
Cognis is the leading supplier of plant sterol esters, and the Illertissen facility adds to Cognis’ sterols production plants in Kankakee (USA) and in Boussens (France). The facility will primarily increase production capacity for its successful Vegapure® product line. Due to their ability to lower cholesterol levels by reducing the uptake of this substance in the bloodstream, demand for plant sterol esters is growing all over the world, especially in Europe. Cognis’ offering in this area is characterized by its exceptionally high purity and versatility; for example, sterol esters can transform traditional margarines and dairy products into healthy functional foods. Additionally, the new facility further strengthens Cognis’ global leadership position in the rapidly increasing market for non-GM plant sterol esters.

The Illertissen site will also manufacture Tonalin® CLA for the world market. Conjugated linoleic acids produced from safflower oil are notable for their high isometric purity and efficacy, and are used in food products and dietary supplements to reduce body fat mass and maintain lean body mass.

Comments Paul Allen, Group Vice President Nutrition & Health: “The state-of-the-art production facility in Illertissen is a powerful symbol of our commitment to serving the global wellness trend. The combination of our leading technology with the high quality and safety standards at the Illertissen site enables us to offer natural-source products that are tailored to the precise needs of consumers, helping our customers to enter new markets successfully and giving them a significant competitive advantage.”

Cognis is one of the leading manufacturers of natural-source ingredients for the food and health industries, and the opening of the new high-performance facility represents a significant milestone in the development of the Illertissen site as one of the company’s Nutrition & Health Competence Centers, specializing in the growth areas of food technology, functional foods and dietary supplements.

About Cognis’ plant sterol esters
Plant sterol esters can help lower cholesterol and may protect against cardiovascular disease. Studies show that a cholesterol reduction of 10 percent can be reasonably achieved through daily use of sterol esters. Cognis’ phytosterols meet the requirements of the FDA-approved health claim for sterol esters and reduced risk of coronary disease. Cognis’ complete line of sterols is kosher and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for foods including vegetable oil spreads, salad dressings, bars, white bread products, cereals and dairy products.

About Tonalin® CLA
Tonalin® is the original brand of CLA and is an exclusively licensed product of the Cognis Group. Cognis produces Tonalin® CLA through a new proprietary process that converts linoleic acid from safflower oil into CLA, providing the highest quality of CLA available. Tonalin®, the #1 consumer brand of CLA, helps consumers reduce body fat, maintain lean body mass, prevent fat regain and contribute to overall health. Tonalin® CLA is self-affirmed GRAS for use in yogurt, meal replacement bars and drinks, fruit juices, chocolate, milk-based beverages and coffee cream substitutes.

About Cognis
Cognis is a worldwide supplier of innovative specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients. The company employs about 8,100 people, and it operates production sites and service centers in 30 countries. Cognis has dedicated its activities to a high level of sustainability and delivers natural source raw materials and ingredients for food, nutrition and healthcare markets, and the cosmetics, detergents and cleaners industries. Additionally, Cognis provides solutions for a number of other industries, such as coatings and inks, lubricants, textiles and plastics, as well as agriculture and mining.

Cognis is owned by private equity funds advised by Permira, GS Capital Partners, and SV Life Sciences. In 2004, Cognis recorded sales of 3.07 billion euros and an Adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, income taxes, depreciation, amortization and exceptional items) of 362 million euros.

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