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New Fortification Opportunities with Roche Lutein

(June 16, 2002) – Roche Vitamins, the worldwide leader in nutritional ingredients for foods and beverages, has more than 100 years of experience in researching and developing innovative solutions for health. Now, Roche is ready to utilize its vast resources to assist food and beverage manufacturers in creating applications containing Lutein, a leading nutritional ingredient for eye health.

Lutein is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by self-affirmation, through a partnership between Roche Vitamins and Kemin Foods, which means that for the first time, Lutein can be formulated into foods and beverages. Millions of consumers currently use the nutrient in supplement form for eye health. Certain scientific studies have indicated that diets rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin are associated with reducing the risk of age-related eye disease such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

Roche has recently conducted widespread consumer research showing that consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about Lutein as a healthful ingredient and are seeking to make Lutein part of the foods and beverages they consume on a daily basis. Roche’s research has also shown that consumers rank the health of their eyes as a vital element of overall well-being, and they understand the role that Lutein can play in maintaining eye health.

Due to Lutein’s expanding popularity among consumers and the knowledge that consumers have about the nutrient’s significant health attributes, manufacturers can add shelf appeal to their nutritional labels and value to their products by incorporating Roche Lutein into their formulations. Among the food and beverage applications for Lutein are ready-to-eat cereals, cereal bars, energy bars, fruit juices and fruit drinks, non-carbonated beverages, energy drinks, meal replacement drinks, and soy-based beverages. Roche Lutein does not affect the taste profile of these products or other applications.

Utilizing its enormous scientific background and knowledge in nutritional fortification, Roche can provide hands-on technical assistance in developing value-added applications fortified with Lutein. Roche marketing professionals will also work closely with food and beverage marketers to address the many new and expanding opportunities that currently exist for Lutein.

For further information about Roche Lutein, its GRAS affirmation, and how the ingredient can bring exceptional value and sales appeal to foods and beverages, please contact Roche Vitamins Inc. at 45 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054-1298. Phone: 1-800-526-0189, ext. 8185. Fax: 973-257-8685.
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