New functional ingredients - February 2009

Acai Power from Navitas NaturalsAçai, hemp and flax powders
Navitas Naturals is expanding its product offerings with organic Açai Power, Hemp Power and Sprouted Flax Power powders, which can be added to such products as yoghurts and cereals, or baked into breads, cookies, muffins and pancakes to help achieve whole-food nutrition.

New launches by BergstromNew launches by Bergstrom
Bergstrom Nutrition has introduced three new ingredients: Celacor, SunActive and MenaquinGold. Celacor is a proprietary standardised extract of celery seed, which has been credited with containing 25 anti-inflammatory compounds. A combination of SunActive Iron and OptiMSM addresses athletic recovery and iron-dependent physical and cognitive performance. MenaquinGold is highly stable, bioavailable, and supports bone integrity and cardiovascular health.

New grade of Bellalean
AHD International now offers a 50 per cent grade of Bellalean, its brown-seaweed fucoxanthin extract for weight management, making it the highest grade currently available for dietary-supplement use, the company says. AHD has cultivated and extracted brown seaweed's fucoxanthin, an antioxidant carotenoid, to produce a concentrated dose that can be distributed in capsule form. Fucoxanthin stimulates production of UCP1, a protein responsible for facilitating fat burning around the abdominal region, resulting in total body weight-loss reports of 5-10 per cent.

Organic fruit powdersOrganic fruit powders
Synergy Production Laboratories has added pomegranate, apple and Concord grape-juice powders to its line of Synergized certified-organic, bioactive, whole-food powdered ingredients. Each is kosher and fully water soluble, and ideal for a broad range of applications, including powdered drink mixes, liquids, tablets, capsules, food bars, functional foods and cosmetics.

Sugar alternative now in China
Cargill has brought its Zerose erythritol to China's leading food and beverage manufacturers after obtaining regulatory approval with no restriction on Zerose's applications. Zerose has zero calories and no aftertaste, and is nonglycaemic and noninsulinaemic, making it a useful sugar alternative for people on diabetic diets. It also is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria and thus does not promote tooth decay.

Cinnamon extract
Cactus Botanics has launched a water-soluble cinnamon extract that preserves its naturally occurring polymeric polyphenols. Cinnamon extract has been more widely studied for its applications in promoting a healthy insulin response by mimicking the action of insulin-induced signaling via its receptor. The extract is manufactured in a pharmaceutical-grade facility.

Clean-label emulsifier
National Starch has debuted its newest clean-label ingredient, Q-Naturale quillaja, for beverage emulsification in sparkling beverages, new-age beverages, fortified waters and juices. Q-Naturale emulsifier is an organic, sustainable product produced by Desert King, Chile. It has excellent emulsification properties, including the ability to create high oil-load emulsions. It is delivered as an easy-handling liquid that is formulation friendly and quickly hydrates and disperses, National Starch says. Additionally, the new emulsifier provides long-term cold-temperature and pH stability. It is FDA approved/GRAS and also organic certified.

Red hot blend
OmniActive Health Technologies, a supplier of active nutritional ingredients, has created a proprietary blend of Capsimax, its capsicum — or hot red pepper — ingredient. Capsimax Plus Blend is a combination of natural ingredients including Capsimax Capsicum Fruit Extract, and has been clinically proven to increase the amount of calories burned before, during and after exercise by 12 times. Other ingredients include the thermogenic and performance-boosting agents caffeine and black-pepper extract, as well as niacin (vitamin B-3), necessary for converting food into energy.

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