New Hope Natural Media Standards Department Recipients of FDA Honor Award

The New Hope Natural Media (Lifestyle Group) Standards Department was informed yesterday that it has been selected to receive an award from the FDA and the Office of Regulatory Affairs - the “Leveraging/Collaboration Award.” This recognition is part of the annual FDA Civilian Honor Awards and acknowledges “outstanding collaborative efforts to support self-regulation of the foods, cosmetics, and OTC drugs industries and ensure that consumers receive accurate and truthful information about health benefits.” This marks the first time a business information company has received such an honor from the FDA.

Many are most likely unaware that the New Hope team out of the Boulder, CO. office has a Standards Department. But indeed this team, comprised of three very dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, is a critical part of the Lifestyle group’s operation tasked with reviewing every advertisement set to be placed in a New Hope property in addition to each piece of exhibitor material to be displayed at a New Hope tradeshow. The team works with Penton healthy lifestyle customers, including natural products manufacturers, suppliers, and distributers, to ensure the claims made on their promotional materials meet compliance with U.S. FDA and USDA regulations.

“This is a fantastic accomplishment by the Standards Team who has worked tirelessly for years to clean up our part of the world. The FDA is not known for giving out gratuitous awards, and within the FDA this is a very prestigious award. It also comes at a time when the FDA enforcement appears to be increasing so the timing is excellent. Most impressive is how well the team of Don McLemore, Steve Taormina, and Michelle Kelly walk a fine line and make this a win for us, a win for the client, a win for the retailer, and ultimately a win for us as consumers,” comments Fred Linder, senior vice president, New Hope and Penton Events Media Group

Don McLemore who leads the team will be traveling to Washington D.C. in June to receive the award in person.

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