New Horizon(TM) Little Blends(TM) Natural Yogurt Combines Fruit and Veggies for Toddlers

The Horizon(TM) dairy family recently launched a new value-added addition, made with key natural ingredients to satisfy toddlers and meet the challenging needs of discerning moms.

Natural product purchases rose 12.5 percent in conventional stores last year, according to Natural Products Retailer. In order to reflect this growing demand, Horizon introduced Little Blends(TM), a great-tasting natural yogurt with both fruits and vegetables.

Little Blends' unique combination of organic whole milk yogurt, plus natural fruit and vegetable purees offer a more varied nutrition for babies and toddlers than traditional yogurt. Each 4-ounce cup packs a daily value of 20 percent calcium, 25 percent protein, omega-3 DHA and probiotics. Parents will love how Little Blends incorporates more nutrition and variety into their child's diet. This new product is just one example of how Horizon continues to deliver nutritious food options that support healthier kids and a healthier planet.

Little Blends is a natural yogurt, meaning it's produced without added growth hormones, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup.

"Kids have the most to gain from their parents having an understanding about products that are good for the family and that kids like," said Dr. Alan Greene, pediatrician and author of Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green. "The choices you make today are opportunities that could give your kids a better chance for the best of health throughout their lives."

Available at grocery stores nationwide, Little Blends from Horizon are sold in three, never-before seen flavor combinations of Banana Sweet Potato, Strawberry Carrot and Apple Butternut Squash. A 4-pack retails at a suggested price of $3.49.

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At Horizon, we believe the choice for a healthy family and a healthy planet should be an easy one. We offer a delicious variety of certified organic dairy products and innovative natural dairy offerings to satisfy a broad range of consumer needs. Our commitment to a healthier planet includes offsetting the energy used to produce our products with clean, renewable wind power. In addition, we work with about 500 certified organic family farms and in 2008 alone kept more than 17 million pounds of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers out of the environment. Founded in 1991, Horizon was a pioneer in the organic industry, the first company to supply organic milk nationally, and remains committed to providing great-tasting dairy products that make it easy for moms to provide nutritious options for her kids.

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