New ingredients

Protection for cosmetics oils
Vitiva, Slovenia, has launched its natural formula of Inolens 4 for protection of cosmetics oils from oxidation and rancidity, as well as extended shelf life. The ingredient was successfully tested on oils such as refined echium, evening primrose, olive, virgin borage, virgin walnut and virgin safflower oils. It can be readily applied to a limitless variety of natural cosmetic-product formulations. Inolens 4 is an all-natural, allergen-free formulation blendable with cosmetics oils and other oil-based liquid ingredients. It can be added to body lotions, sun-care products, cleansing creams, body oils and massage oils.
+386 2 1788 87 38

Allergen-free vitamin A
DSM Nutritional Products has launched a new form of oily vitamin A combining both GMO and allergen-free benefits. The vitamin A form uses medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) as a carrier, thus guaranteeing ingredients free of genetically modified organisms and eliminating potential allergic reactions related to peanut oil, the company says.
+41 61 688 85 14

Oat-soluble fibre beta-glucans
FutureCeuticals has added UltraTrim Oat Bran to its line of heart-healthy grain-based fibres. It features 55 per cent oat-soluble fibre beta-glucans, a higher concentration than its predecessors, Nutrim Oat Bran and BarleyTrim Barley Bran. UltraTrim provides opportunities for formulators to incorporate high concentrations of healthy oat beta-glucans into products and formulations that require smaller ingredient percentages.
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Dried fruit line in the UK
In an agreement with Polish fruit-ingredients supplier, Frubella, JO Sims is to distribute the company's naturally infused fruits in the UK. The launch of dried, natural juice-infused garden fruits including strawberry, rhubarb, blackcurrant and blackberry is a move to meet growing demand, the company says. Using vacuum infusion, the fruits are kept at the ideal consistency, even after the addition of sugars or natural juices. The drying process reduces the water content to 12-14 per cent, increasing shelf life to 12 months. This makes the fruits ideal for use in products such as cereals, where low-moisture ingredients are essential.
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