New ingredients

StepanThree launches by Stepan
Stepan has launched three ingredients, all free of trans fats and GMOs. DREWPOL 3-5-CC, a polyglycerol ester derived from medium-chain fatty acids, has similar functionality to the company's NEOBEE MCT ingredient, but is differentiated by its higher viscosity (100 cP at 25° C), lower freeze point (-40° C), and higher smoke point (247° C). DREWMULSE GMC-810 [Glycerol Mono (caprylate/caprate)] functions as a wetting agent and dispersant for whey, starch and flour, as well as an agent to promote instantising of powdered products. It can also be used to aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals in supplements. STEPAN EDS (Erythritol Distearate), which features a melting point of 80° C, offers outstanding properties as a shell component for protection of bioactive ingredients used in micro-encapsulation applications, even at temperatures required for pasteurization.
+1 201 712 7642

Kaden Biochemicals' aronia extractHigh-ORAC aronia extract
Kaden Biochemicals of Germany has introduced a highly effective aronia extract (Aronia melanocarpa). The ingredient contains more than 15 per cent natural anthocyanins and has an ORAC value of more than 7300µmolTE/g. Kaden also sells many other berry extracts, such as bilberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, elderberry and blackberry. Kaden Biochemicals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Symrise.
+49 40 73 60 45 0

Gadot Biochemical's NRGyloseSlow-burning sweetener
NRGylose is a tooth-friendly, slow-digesting sweetener with a low glycaemic index, recently launched by Gadot Biochemical of Israel. Because NRGylose is digested much slower than sucrose, it contributes to a prolonged glucose and energy supply, the company says. NRGylose is a bulk-sweetener carbohydrate. Chemically known as isomaltulose, it is a disaccharide made by fermentation from refined sugar (sucrose) using a non-GMO bacterial strain. Isomaltulose is not readily fermented by mouth bacteria, thus preventing the creation of acids that harm tooth enamel. The ingredient can be used in energy drinks, sports and isotonic drinks, products for diabetics, candy and chocolate bars, milk drinks, yoghurts, soft drinks, and cereals.

Twelve-berry blend
Synergized Berry Power is a new certified-organic and 100 per cent fresh freeze-dried proprietary blend of 12 superfood berries (including whole berries, seeds and juice) from Synergy Production Laboratories. Synergy says it comprises the purest, most comprehensive and potent berry blend powder in the industry, a unique combination of rare, wild and organic berries and fruits. It was specifically created to offer a full rainbow of the most beneficial phytochemicals and antioxidants to help ensure the greatest amount of health-protecting properties possible.

Quick-dissolving aspartame
Ajinomoto has developed QDE 510, a quick-dissolving aspartame,?to assist in the processing of bulk solutions. Using unique crystallisation technology, Ajinomoto optimises the particle size of QDE 510 to keep the ingredient free flowing and dust free, while simultaneously facilitating the speediest dissolution. The dissolution time compared with Ajinomoto's standard aspartame powder can be cut by 30 per cent. When compared with aspartame from other manufacturers, dissolution time can be cut by 66 per cent.
+33 328 22 7400

New oat beta-glucans
FutureCeuticals has added UltraTrim Oat Bran to its line of heart-healthy grain-based fibres. It features 55 per cent oat-soluble fibre beta-glucans, a higher concentration than its predecessors, Nutrim Oat Bran and BarleyTrim Barley Bran, providing opportunities for formulators to incorporate high concentrations of oat beta-glucans into products and formulations that require smaller ingredient percentages.
+1 888 452 6853

Cargill Texturizing Solutions' new lecithins grading systemNew lecithins grading system
Cargill Texturizing Solutions' new lecithins grading system enables food manufacturers to select from four grades that take into account product quality, functionality and value: Standard, High, Premium and FQ-MaxX. Derived from natural sources, lecithins are a mixture of different constituents that work in combination to contribute to the product's final functionality. Thus, they can show significant variations. The new grades provide an easy-to-use, application-led approach to narrowing down the lecithin selection criteria.
+49 170 8522844

Probiotic launched in Chile
Merck Chile has launched Institut Rosell-Lallemand's Lactobacillus plantarum 299v probiotic. It already was being marketed in capsule format through pharmacies across the country under the trademark Bion Transit. The new agreement represents a milestone for the company's presence in South America, and more launches are expected within this emerging market during coming months.

Homecraft Express 760Pregelatinised functional flour
Homecraft Express 760 is a pregelatinised functional flour that builds viscosity and texture in instant and ready-to-heat foods, developed by National Starch Food Innovation. Derived from wheat, the flour provides cold viscosity in a wide variety of foods, such as instant soups, sauces, pancake mixes, batters and gravies. It delivers a smooth, pourable texture; natural opaque appearance; and authentic flavour and mouthfeel typical of flour. It also has excellent processing tolerance, shelf-life stability and steam-table performance, National Starch says.
+44 161 435 3200

Life extender for meat
Vitiva of Slovenia has launched SyneROX 4, a natural solution providing triple-protection of fresh meat from rancidity and undesirable organoleptic changes. Besides extending shelf life of fresh meat, SyneROX 4 helps maintain freshness, original taste and microbiological stability, the company says. SyneROX 4 is a ready-to-use formulation, easily blendable with ingredients such as minced meat, spices, salt, dry blends, etc. It is a vegetarian, allergen-free, GMO-free formulation.
+386 2 1788 87 38

Toyo BioPharma's Puerflower extractspan class="subheadline">Puer flower for weight loss
Japanese ingredients company Toyo Bio-Pharma has introduced branded Puer-flower extract for weight management in the US. The extract is derived from Pueraria thomsonii, a vine that produces flowers said to aid weight management and liver health. According to the company, its research has shown the pueraria extract can reduce visceral fat around body organs, and other fats such as cellulite. The main active ingredients are isoflavones. Toyo cites a human clinical trial conducted over a period of four months, in which participants took 200mg of the extract per day, losing an average of 1.1 inches off the waist, and lowered body fat by 0.9 per cent.?
+1 310 284 8696

BioCell Technology's taste-free BioCell Collagen IITaste-free BioCell Collagen II
BioCell Technology has created a taste-free version of BioCell Collagen II for ready-to-drink formulations, chewables and functional foods. The 100 per cent natural BioCell Collagen II TF provides the same joint and skin health-promoting benefits as BioCell Collagen II in a highly soluble, palatable and odourless form, the company says. A naturally occurring matrix of orally absorbable hydrolyzed collagen type II, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, the clinically supported BioCell Collagen II improves joint comfort and mobility, renews cartilage, and promotes healthy skin, the company says.
+1 714 632 1231

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