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New ingredients

Organic flavourings for leaf and bag
A new line of organic flavourings for loose-tea-leaf and tea-bag applications by Moore Ingredients is certified to both USDA NOP and EU EEC organic requirements, as well as certified kosher. The flavours are available in liquid and dry form. The dry form is encapsulated in organic inulin and in the perfect particle size to be retained in a tea bag. Many profiles — including various fruits, berries, floral, herbal and spice — are available, and any profile can be custom created.
+201 866 3904

Berry flavours from Quest
In early 2007, Quest International unveiled a new range of berry fruit flavours in Europe and the Middle East, thanks to the discovery of new flavour components that precisely replicate the flavours of real fruit at various stages of ripeness. Targeted at the dairy and beverage markets — and with primary applications in yoghurt and the dairy-drinks sectors — Berrysense is the product of two years of research and comprises strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, blackberry, gooseberry, blueberry and mixed-berries flavours.

New functional bar ingredients
Kerry has recently added natural and certified-organic ingredient capabilities to its portfolio of functional-bar ingredients. Among the line: compound coatings (chocolate, pastel/fruit, protein fortified, fibre fortified); coating ingredients (soy proteins); inclusions (high-fibre crisps, fruit pieces, flakes and twigs, solnuts, and chocolate drops); layers and fillings (caramel, fruit fillings, fruit leathers and cremes); and core ingredients (soy proteins and dietary fibre). Kerry's certified-organic plants are based in Kansas, California, Michigan, Nebraska and Minnesota.
+1 913 324 1156

Borage- and pomegranate-seed oils
Jedwards International has begun contract production of borage-seed oil and pomegranate seed oil. Borage-seed oil can be subject to large fluctuations in supply and quality due to variations in the weather from year to year. Jedwards International is currently able to offer borage-seed oil with a GLA content of up to 24 per cent at competitive pricing, the company says. Pomegranate-seed oil is a new addition to the Massachusetts-based company's product line. As with borage-seed oil, it has both nutritional and cosmetics applications.

New inulin by Orafti
Belgium-based Orafti has introduced Beneo LGI, a virtually sugar-free inulin for healthier food formulation. Beneo inulin and oligofructose are derived from chicory root. But the new LGI version boasts just three per cent sugars and just 1.1kcal/g, allowing food formulators to make more low-sugar and low-calorie claims on products with a 'feel good' health factor. Orafti says Beneo LGI is suitable for a broad range of product types, including fruit preparations, low-fat yoghurts and dairy drinks (in which it is said to improve mouthfeel), ice cream (in place of both fat and sugar), and sugar-free chocolate. Part of the reason for its versatility is that it is 15 per cent soluble at room temperature, compared to 10 per cent soluble for standard inulin — a factor that has proved a limiting factor for formulators in the past. Beyond 'low' or 'reduced' claims, all Beneo inulin can be used in foods with a low-glycaemic positioning because inulin does not impact blood glucose levels.
+32 16 801 301

Premium fish oil from Bioriginal
Bioriginal has launched an exclusively sourced premium fish oil called BioPureDHA. The ingredient's unique purity and potency are controlled from source to shelf, the company says, through isolated waters, an exclusive fish supply and proprietary cold-extraction technology. Mild processing further maximises purity to produce mild, deodorised oil, while preserving its natural triglyceride structure and high DHA content, Bioriginal explains. In addition to these controls, Bioriginal guarantees that BioPureDHA meets or exceeds international standards and CRN recommendations by subjecting every single batch to third-party laboratory tests.

Trans-free shortening
Loders Croklaan has launched SansTrans RS39 T20, a reduced-saturate, trans-free, nonhydrogenated all-purpose shortening. SansTrans offers the same functionality as traditional bakery shortenings but with 30 per cent less saturated fat than typical trans-free alternatives. Loders Croklaan developed the SansTrans brand as an ideal baking shortening for cookies, cakes, fillings and dairy-substitute systems. SansTrans RS39 T20 is based on palm and canola oils. The product is naturally saturated and its solid fat crystallizes readily in the ideal beta-prime form.

Stabiliser ingredient cuts fat
Danish ingredients group Danisco has launched a new stabiliser ingredient designed to allow ice cream manufacturers to cut the fat content of their products while maintaining a creamy mouthfeel. Launched in December in the US, Grindsted IcePro SS also claims to reduce production costs through savings recovered from lower butterfat use. The new ingredient, an extension within the firm's Grindsted IcePro line of patent-pending stabilisers, is said to allow manufacturers to cut out more than half of the fat from soft-serve ice cream, without negatively affecting taste, flavour or product stability.

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