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Amazonian berry debuts in Europe
JO Sims will distribute the açai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) in Europe for the first time in an exclusive deal with pulp manufacturer Fruits of the Amazon. The tropical berry looks like a purple grape and is exported as a frozen fruit pulp. It is also available in extract formats. Açai has been a longtime staple of native peoples' diet in the lower Amazon basin, and possesses levels of anthocyanin — pigments that generate antioxidant activity — 30 times higher than that of red wine.
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Chocolate gets health conscious
Encapsulated omega-3 fatty acids from Kerry Ingredients turn chocolate into a health-conscious treat without marine flavors. Available in long- or short-chain fatty acids, the chocolate is designed to be used with sugar-based or NSA coatings and can be adapted to customers' nutritional specifications. Omega-3s are shown to reduce hypertension and rhw risk of certain cancers, prevent heart disease and stroke, and enhance brain and eye development, according to Kerry Ingredients. +1 913 324 1100

Balancing act from TIC Gums
For food and beverage formulations that require a delicate balance of suspension and emulsification, TIC Gums has developed Pretested Saladizer 250-ST. It is designed so that the gums work together to generate viscous aqueous solutions with stabilizing and emulsifying properties, making the cold-water-soluble blend an ideal choice for oil-in-water emulsions, such as salad dressings, barbecue sauces, relishes and hot sauces. It is available in a lump-free pre-hydrated version for ease of dispersion and reduced nuisance dust.
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Skincare, inside and out
Extracted from New Zealand sheep wool, two new ingredients by Keratec Ltd seek to bridge the gap between topical cosmetic products and dietary supplements. Cynergy TK is for use in all topical applications, and Cynergy NK can be incorporated into capsules, beverages and food bars. They can be used separately or together for synergistic effect, according to the company. Keratin, the basis of the ingredient, is a structural protein that is a main constituent in skin and hair. The company has patented a method of extracting the normally nonsoluble keratin from wool in a soluble, functional form, by separating wool fibre into its constituent keratin parts without destroying the different fractions.
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Natural shelf-life extenders
A new line of natural shelf-life extenders was launched in March by Kerry BioScience. The product range, featuring certified-organic ingredients and 100-percent natural fermented ingredients, is designed for use in dairy and non-dairy, confectionery, bakery, meat and culinary products. The ingredients provide natural protection against a variety of spoilage agents, and are GMO-free, Kosher- and Halal-certified and meet global food-grade standards.
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Sucralose-based snack coating
Tate & Lyle has developed a new solution set for coating snack products. Coated Snack CREATE™ 700 is made with sucralose, enabling manufacturers to develop dual-textured, lower-fat snacks, and a coating that achieves a no-sugar-added claim. The coating can be used on fruit pieces and a variety of other products including peanuts, soy nuts and sunflower kernels. Tate & Lyle says the product can be incorporated into a tumbler coating process. It is used at a 40-60 per cent level in a dry coating matrix and typically combined with cereal flours or particulates before being applied over food pieces.
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New functional flours
A new line of natural, grain-based ingredients from National Starch Food Innovation is designed to maintain the positive attributes of traditional flours and dramatically expand and improve the ways they can be used in packaged and prepared foods. Aimed at producers of gourmet and premium foods, frozen and refrigerated meals, refrigerated and frozen soups, and so on, the three HOMECRAFT functional wheat flours are meant to address functional shortcomings of native flours such as lack of freeze/thaw stability, sensitivity to processing and poor cold-water thickening.
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A strong combo
Based on the strengths of two well-recognised ingredients, Bioriginal is set to launch a product that combines premium quality milled organic flaxseeds and cranberries. Bioriginal's flax with cranberry will be on the stand at Vitafoods 2006. The widespread awareness of the health benefits of alpha-linolenic acid in flaxseed, and the proanthocyanidins in cranberry are expected to create a strong market for the product.
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New animal-free product
Expanding its animal-free ingredients portfolio, DSM Nutritional Products launched a new high-potency beta-carotene beadlet, BetaTab(r) 20% S, for the direct-compression and dietary supplements market. DSM's animal-free products now include beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D3, ALL-Q (coenzyme Q10), lutein, and OPTISHARP (zeaxanthin). Functional foods and supplements products can be simply fortified with DSM's product forms.
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New extracts from Terepia
A new line of humic and fulvic extracts are available in liquid and in dehydrated powder from Terepia International. Using a new patent-pending production method utilizing no acids or chemicals in the leaching process, the company says the extracts retain the micronutrients with the naturally occurring enzymes intact without compromising taste.
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Dairy with plant sterols
Consumer demand for heart-healthy products has prompted Tesco, the United Kingdom's largest supermarket, to introduce a new dairy line containing its own plant sterols. The line includes a spread, yoghurt drink, yoghurt and milk with the plant sterol and stanol combination Reducol, made by Forbes Medi-Tech.
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