New ingredients

Inolens 12Natural preservative
Vitiva of Slovenia has created INOLENS 12, a natural preservative for extending bakery-product shelf life, while significantly helping to maintain freshness and flavour. It can be blended with other ingredients, such as flour, sugar and powdered milk, as well as fats and oils. It can replace synthetic antioxidants in baked goods and thus improve their healthy profile without compromising freshness and flavour.

Waxy, maize-based starch
National Starch Food Innovation has introduced ULTRA-TEX SR, a premium waxy maize-based starch ideal for instant-food preparations subjected to extreme processing conditions. The starch, which withstands intense heat, acid, high-shear and low-pH processing conditions, is one of three new cold-water swelling starches in the ULTRA Series of dispersible starches, created to meet the cold prep-processing needs of food formulators. The series enables the cold processing of convenient foods such as mayonnaise and low-fat dressings, and eliminates the need for the blending of dry ingredients.

Solpro 957Low-sodium soy isolate
Solpro 957, made by Solbar Industries of Israel, is a low-sodium 90 per cent isolated-soy protein. Solbar maintains that it can reduce typical sodium levels in its soy isolate to 300mg/100g (3,000ppm). Typical sodium levels in soy isolates are estimated at 11,000-13,000ppm. Key factors for successful sodium reduction include guaranteeing that the protein has no metallic flavour, has a low viscosity, and works well in meat and food formulations. Market targets include processed meats, convenience foods, instant soups, bars, cereals and beverages.

PisaneNon-GMO pea-protein isolate
A&B Ingredients has unveiled Pisane, a new non-GMO pea-protein isolate. Particularly well suited for weight control and sport foods, Pisane is designed for use as a single-protein source in vegetable beverages; nondairy food; high-protein sport foods, pastas, shakes and ready-to-drink beverages; dietetic foods; and vegetarian foods. Containing 88-90 per cent protein, Pisane is highly digestible (98 per cent), gluten free, and exhibits low incidents of allergens.

Branded omega-3s ingredient
Omega-360, by Denomega Nutritional Oils, is a complete omega-3s product. It can be co-branded on consumer packaging to signal to consumers a fresh and naturally complete omega-3s choice in their favourite products.

Patented hops extract
Lifenol is a new patented hops extract clinically proven to improve women's quality of life by lowering hot flushes, with only 120mg per day and without any side effects, says its maker, the Actifs Innovants Division of Naturex. Lifenol is a particular female-hop-cone extract standardized in prenylflavonoids, including 8-PN, the most active phyto-oestrogen known to date. The patented process notably guarantees a unique profile in prenylflavonoids.
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Orange-blossom water
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas of Illinois has added Orange Blossom Water to its line of flavours. It is made from a distillate of the Seville bitter orange, available only from Spain and the Middle East. Orange Blossom Water is traditionally added to Persian, Arabic, Indian and Turkish dishes, adding flavouring to custard and puddings, cakes and cookies, candies, and other confections. It is a component of many aromatherapy and skincare products, and is available in 2oz and 4oz bottles for retail sale, and 18oz and gallon sizes for foodservice and industrial uses.

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