New ingredients improve baking prospects

Two ingredients portfolios from major suppliers Tate & Lyle and Cerestar are highlighting the baked goods sector?s inherent flexibility.

Tate & Lyle, basking in the glow of burgeoning sales of its low-calorie sucralose sweetener, Splenda, has released an ingredients suite called Rebalance System 50 targeted at the cracker market — part of a $50 million, five-year strategy to develop new food ingredients.

Tate & Lyle claims cracker products that use its ingredients will have the potential to be high in fibre, light and crispy (without employing trans fats) and to retain good dough machinability. Crackers would also be able to achieve a valued ?low GI? positioning on the increasingly popular glycaemic index. A Tate & Lyle spokesperson said the ingredients were aimed at the US and European markets. Meanwhile, Cargill-owned European ingredients supplier Cerestar has debuted a range of soy flours aimed at breaking into a baking sector that soy ingredients have typically struggled to penetrate.

Cerestar said its non-GM soy flours could benefit crumb and cell structure; improve water absorption and retention; and function as a crumb whitener, egg replacement and dough conditioner. Bakers could reduce ingredients costs by 10 per cent by replacing egg with soy flour. Soy?s water retention qualities could also extend shelf life.

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