New ingredients - January 2009

Pomactive ShapeApple extract for weight management
New scientific data have led Val de Vire Bioactives to develop a 100 per cent apple extract gathering key apple ingredients acting on weight management. Pomactiv Shape is a patented formula containing three apple actives able to delay or inhibit glucose intestinal absorption and to regulate carbohydrate metabolism. The polyphenolic compounds are: hydroxycinnamic acids, especially chlorogenic acid, which have high antioxidant activity with an inhibitory effect on the hepatic enzymes synthesis, and modulate glucose uptake by normalizing the glucose storage in the liver; flavonols, of which quercetin glycosides can interact with intestinal sugar receptors; and dihydrochalcons (phloridzin), well-known competitive inhibitors of glucose intestinal absorption and cellular glucose transport. The ingredient can be used in foods or dietary supplements.

Immune-health ingredient
Lonza has launched ResistAid, an all-natural immune-health ingredient for foods and dietary supplements. Boasting a potent combination of larch arabinogalactan and bioactive flavonoids, ResistAid may help support immune function, the company says. The ingredient is self-affirmed GRAS and approved by the FDA as a direct food additive. It is allergen free, with no reported side effects, and requires no adaptation period. It has no known interactions with other substances and no overdose level.

New phytosterol line
Avatar has added ProEssential Phytosterols to its ProEssential functional-ingredients offerings. ProEssential Phytosterols are non GMO, trans fat free, gluten free, vegan and kosher certified. Founded in 1982, Avatar is a supplier of ProKote conventional and organic-certified lubricants, and release agents.

Vitiva rosemaryRosemary preservatives go organic
Vitiva of Slovenia has developed ECOCERT-certified versions of its all-natural rosemary preservatives, including its Inolens and AquaROX product lines. ECOCERT, based in France, is one of the world's largest and most stringent organic-certification organizations. Oil-soluble Inolens offers full protection against rancidity, taste change and colour alteration in meat and meat products, fish, ready-to-eat meals, bakery and confectionery products, nut and seed mixes, snacks, and various savoury applications. Water-soluble AquaROX is beneficial for protecting nutraceutical supplements and cosmetic formulations from oxidation that leads to product breakdown and development of off odours and colours.

Gadomag KMagnesium-citrate compound
A new, patent-pending magnesium-citrate compound, Gadomag K, has been specifically designed to provide magnesium fortification of soy milk, dairy milk drinks, smoothies, infant formula and other milk replacements, says its maker, Gadot Biochemical of Israel. Gadomag K was developed to address producers' expectations of creating and maintaining a stable suspension without any influence on organoleptic characteristics. It causes no sedimentation and no protein coagulation. Gadomag K can be included in formulations at any practical level of the RDA for magnesium. It is also a unique form of magnesium-potassium citrate, containing about 10 per cent elemental magnesium and about 10 per cent elemental potassium, and is designed to maintain complete dispersion capability when added to solutions.

Superfruit ingredient with vitamin C
NutraGenesis of Vermont has branded a new superfruit ingredient for foods and supplements. Called Wellberry, it is a combination of proprietary forms of Indian gooseberry and a highly absorbable form of vitamin C. The Indian gooseberry extract contains unique bioactive ingredients that provide greater and longer-lasting antioxidant activity compared to other superfruits sold today, and the vitamin C possesses the best absorption and retention rates of any commercial form of vitamin C available to date due to its patented combination with lipid metabolites and bioflavonoids, NutraGenesis says.

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