New Ingredients & Products

Salt—sans the sodium
Icelandia Life has introduced a salt formula with 60 per cent less sodium, 70 times more potassium and four times more magnesium than traditional sea salt. All natural and with no chemical additives, the salt is derived from seawater drawn from a reservoir one mile underground.

An environmentally friendly harvesting process utilising geyser steam replaces 60 per cent of the sodium content with magnesium and potassium that occurs naturally in the seawater, the company says. Icelandia Life Sea Salt is available in a mesh within a range of 200?500 microns with a bulk density of 900+/-50kg/m3. It is free flowing when stored in a dry environment and approximately four times more soluble than pure dried vacuum salt.

Tel: + 1 828 277 7564

Snacks to make you jump for soy
A new technology that can double the soy content of baked goods and snacks has been introduced on the market by technology commercialisation firm BTG.

Developed by Cohen Marketing Services, the technology allows manufacturers to formulate soy into baked foods and snack foods, such as chips and cookies, without losing the consistency and texture of the dough, BTG reports.

BTG operates from offices in London and Philadelphia, with a third office in Tokyo. Cohen Marketing Services, a boutique-type developer of healthful food products, operates out of the UK.

Tel: + 1 610 943 3549

Sytrinol reaches shelves in US
Chicago-based ingredients supplier SourceOne Global Partners has teamed up with California-based supplements manufacturer Source Naturals to offer SourceOne?s Sytrinol ingredient as a stand-alone product in the US.

Sytrinol is a proprietary formula derived from citrus and palm fruit extracts and composed of polymethoxylated flavones and tocotrienols. Clinical trials have shown Sytrinol reduces total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides by 23 per cent, 21 per cent and 26 per cent, respectively, the company says. The product will be sold in 30- and 60-tablet bottles.

Tel: + 1 831 461 6332

Pancakes with fluff and flax
Hodgson Mill, an Illinois whole-grains food manufacturer, has unveiled a pancake mix with milled flax seed and soy. The product is high in fibre, cholesterol free and contains no artificial preservatives, flavours or additives.

The Multi Grain Buttermilk Pancake Mix also contains 100 per cent whole-wheat flour, including the entire fibre-rich endosperm.

Other recent product releases include Whole Wheat Brownie Mix and Whole Wheat Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix, both of which contain milled flax seed.

All three products deliver 450mg of omega-3s per serving.

Tel: + 1 800 347 0105

Low carb, but meat free
In response to the growing demand for low-carbohydrate foods, California?s Fantastic Foods company has launched the Carb?Tastic brand of low-carb, all-vegetarian convenient meals.

The brand includes soup cups; heat-and-serve ready meals; and side dish and entr?e cartons. The products are available in hundreds of chain and independent groceries across the US, including Albertsons, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Sam?s Club and Whole Foods.

Tel: + 1 707 254 3700

Extracts offer relief from incontinence
California-based Soft Gel Technologies has introduced a clinically tested combination of extracts to mitigate post-menopausal urinary incontinence.

A combination of pumpkin seed and soybean germ extracts, Femalgen helps relieve hot flashes and decreases the frequency of urination and urinary incontinence, the company reports.

In a study conducted by the company of 39 women aged 52?86 who complained of urge incontinence during the night, 81.8 per cent experienced an improvement in symptoms after six weeks supplementing Femalgen. A ?marked improvement? was found among 36.4 per cent of the women.

Tel: + 1 800 360 7484

Acacia gum can stabilise emulsions
Gum arabic manufacturer Colloides Naturels has launched its new product Eficacia, an acacia-based stabiliser for emulsion applications. Eficacia allows a reduction of 3?5 times in the typical use level when formulating flavour emulsions. It is effective at use levels of 4?7 per cent in liquid emulsions vs. typical levels of 18?25 per cent with traditional acacia gums, the company says.

Eficacia is designed to stabilise flavour and beverage emulsions, without creaming, flocculation, sedimentation or coalescence in the concentrated emulsion after dilution. It is particularly suited for highly concentrated emulsions with low dilution levels.

Colloides Naturels is the US subsidiary of Colloides Naturels International, which operates in more than 75 countries.

Tel: + 1 800 872 1850
[email protected]

We all scream for ice cream (& antioxidants)
In the category of ?just because it?s tasty, doesn?t mean it?s bad for you,? an Australian company has launched an ice cream said to be the first to contain added antioxidants.

Wendy?s Supa Sundaes has added the antioxidant Vinlife—derived from the seeds and fruit of grapes—to its existing Wendy?s Chocollo brand, which is 99 per cent fat free. The antioxidant was developed by Tarac Technologies.

Vinlife products have been approved for use as a food by Food Standards Australia, New Zealand and by European authorities.

Tel: + 61 08 8562 1522
[email protected]

Freeze-dried olive polyphenol
A technological advancement developed by California-based CreAgri enables the use of olive oil polyphenols as a novel class of antioxidants. The company has patented a propriety brand of hydroxytyrosol-rich polyphenols recovered from the pulp of organic olives called 6.0% Hidrox. It is an organic, excipient-free formulation that can be used in dietary supplements, skin and personal care products, functional foods and animal feed.

Because 6.0% Hidrox is a freeze-dried formulation, it reconstitutes to unadulterated olive juice allowing customized concentration changes based on the demands of the product application. Hydroxytyrosol provides among the highest free-radical protection ever reported among antioxidants, registering an ORAC value of 27,000, the company says.

Tel: + 1 866 4 273 247
[email protected]

Red wine, without the hangover
California-based Resveratrol Partners says it has unveiled the first dietary supplement that preserves the natural antioxidant molecules found in red wine.

Called Longevinex, the product is manufactured in an oxygen-free environment to prevent spoilage. It is then sealed in airtight capsules under an exclusive licence with Capsugel.

The capsules include resveratrol extracted from the skins of dark grapes or leaves of giant knotweed; the addition of a natural internal preservative from rice bran also increases the product?s shelf life, the company reports.

Each pill provides 15mg of trans-resveratrol, which is the equivalent to the consumption of three to 15 glasses of red wine.

Tel: + 1 866 405 4000

Cod liver oil for those on the go
Nordic Naturals is now offering its arctic cod liver oil in a natural orange flavour in individual packets for easy transport. One box of Arctic Cod Liver Oil Singles contains 30 individual, one-teaspoon servings. Each packet offers a guaranteed 700mg of DHA and 450mg of EPA.

The cod liver oil has also recently been introduced in a new peach flavour designed to appeal to children. Sold in 4oz bottles, Peachy Keen contains 350mg DHA and 225mg EPA.

Based in California, Nordic Naturals manufactures all of its products in Norway using wild fish (arctic cod, mackerel, sardines and anchovies) that are low on the food chain, to minimize potential impurities.

Tel: + 1 800 662 2544
[email protected]
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