New Ingredients & Products

MegaFlax in targeted formulas
Designing Health has introduced the MegaFlax product line with targeted heart, immune, digestive and joint formulas. MegaFlax is a superfood with a nutrient-rich blend of organic foods designed to enhance the benefits of flax. It includes 28 ingredients that would be costly for consumers to purchase individually, and provides 1800mg/serving of vegetarian-sourced omega-3s. It can be sprinkled over yoghurt, salads, cereals and fruits, or mixed in smoothie beverages.

Cranberry seed extracts for foods
U.S. Nutra, a maker of fluid extracts in Florida, is now manufacturing two oil-based ingredients from pure cranberry seeds. Cranberol CSO contains 70-80 per cent plant-derived omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in a 1:1 ratio. It is also rich in natural tocopherols, phytosterols and tocotrienols. It can be used in skincare, dietary supplements and functional foods formulations. Cranberol EDB (emollient dry base) is a water miscible powder containing nearly 50 per cent cranberry seed oil. Designed as a cosmeceutical ingredient, five per cent of Cranberol EDB will contribute two to three per cent cranberry seed oil to creams, lotions and other cosmetic formulas.
+1 877 876 8872

CLA at 95%
Netherlands-based Lipid Nutrition has introduced a 95 per cent concentration of its Clarinol brand conjugated linolenic acid, said to be the highest form of CLA available on the market. Clarinol A95 will allow supplements makers to offer a more highly concentrated 1g capsule or use smaller capsules, the company says. Research has shown CLA to improve weight reduction and decrease body fat. +31 75 629 2911

New line touts vivid flavours
Takasago International Corp?s flavour division in New Jersey has launched a new line of flavours called VividFlavors. Offered in peach, Concord grape, Fuji apple, strawberry and raspberry, the line delivers the taste of real fruit due to the inclusion of chiral compounds that enhance the natural flavours, the company reports.
+1 914 747 1400

Juice for the joints
Cargill Health & Food Technologies? OptaFlexT chondroitin has debuted in a newly reformulated liquid that provides a daily dose of joint-supporting compounds in one tablespoon. HydraJoint Total by Renutra Natural Health Products can be taken directly from the packet or by adding to any beverage. In addition to chondroitin, it includes glucosamine, MSM and vitamin C.
+1 952 742 2275

Tea sans the green
TEAVIGO, a natural green tea extract with up to 94 per cent EGCG, has been launched by DSM Nutritional Products. Unlike other common tea extracts, this new ingredient is nearly colourless and does not have a bitter taste, the company reports. Also free of pesticides and herbicides, it is available in both powder and granular form and can be added to tablets or capsules to standardise the level of EGCG in green tea extracts.
+1 800 526 0189

Algae antioxidant
Astaxanthin, a carotenoid antioxidant made with patented AstaREAL, is the first product unveiled in the new Astavita product line by GoForLife Labs. The company?s astaxanthin is a natural pigment harvested from the marine microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, which contains the highest concentration of astaxanthin in the world, the New Jersey company says. It is grown in the company?s patented BioDome system in Hawaii and Sweden, free from environmental pollutants.
+1 800 507 4011

Organic baked goods with carb blocker
French Meadow Bakery, one of the first bakeries to introduce low-carb bread, has unveiled a line of yeast-free, organic, reduced-carb baked goods containing Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer. Marketed under the Carb Watcher label, the line includes sourdough and multi-grain dinner rolls, bread and tortilla shells. Phase 2, developed by Pharmachem Laboratories, is a white bean extract designed to induce safe, temporary malabsorption of carbohydrates to aid in weight loss and glucose reduction.

Vitamin E for clear beverages
Eastman Chemical Co has introduced a water-soluble and taste-neutral vitamin E for use in clear, fortified beverages. Vitamin E TPGS, the only natural-sourced E additive on the market, can provide up to 10 times the adult RDA for vitamin E without changing taste or appearance, the Tennessee company says.
+1 423 229 2000

DHA-rich drink mix for Indian mothers
A new powdered drink mix launched in India by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is specially formulated to meet the needs of pregnant and breast-feeding mothers. Mother?s Horlicks contains docosahexaenoic acid by Martek Biosciences Corp, produced from micro-algae. Clinical studies have shown DHA supports an infant?s brain and eye development.
+1 410 740 0081

Long-lasting mango flavours
Global flavour house Treatt plc has extended its tropical Treattarome range with the launch of Mango Treattarome 9830. Wholly distilled from fresh, tree-ripened fruit, the new flavour enables the creation of long-lasting, creamy, sweet mango flavours, the company says. With more than 100 varieties of mangoes on the market, Treatt has formulated a distillate with high levels for fruity esters and lactones, plus spicy terpenes, underplayed with several sugary/caramel-like furanones. Treattarome 9830 can be used as a top note to enhance existing flavour, or to provide the main body of the flavour.
+1 863 668 9500

Natural antioxidants combat oxidation
Origanox, a new line of 100 per cent natural antioxidants unveiled by Frutarom, is designed to fight oxidation, the main cause of deterioration and rancidity in food products. Effective in both aqueous and emulation systems, Origanox performs as a unique and natural water-soluble antioxidant, and is also considered GRAS by the Food and Drug Administration. It can be used in many food applications, including ready-to-eat meals, bakery items, meat analogues, sauces and snack foods.
+1 800 526 7147

Soy protein isolates minimize hardening
A new line of soy protein isolates promises to prevent hardening in nutrition bars. The Solae Co?s Extended Shelf-Life Soy Protein Isolates consists of two different isolates, one with a soft chewy texture and the other with a short ?cookie-like? texture. Used in combination, they can help manufacturers achieve a variety of textural properties, the Missouri company reports.
+1 314 982 2588

Fruit juice drink rich in protein
Glanbia Nutritionals has formulated a fruit juice beverage with whey protein isolate, in which each 330ml drink provides 10g protein. Made from apple and orange juices, with mango flavourings, the protein source is Glanbia?s Provon, a whey protein isolate rich in amino acids and bioactive proteins. It is targeted for the European market, where there are few protein-enriched beverages, the company reports. Glanbia is an international ingredients and consumer foods company with operations in the US, Ireland and the UK. It is one of Europe?s largest dairy companies.
+353 56 77 96029

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