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Isoflavones extract for compression
The Belgian/Dutch company Acatris? new SoyLife DC is a soy germ isoflavones extract specially created for direct compression into tablets and capsules. Available in 10 per cent and 40 per cent isoflavone concentrations, SoyLife DC is guaranteed non-GMO.

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Slow carbs
Palatinit has introduced a new carbohydrate, Palatinose, generically known as isomaltulose. A disaccharide derived from sucrose, it has a natural mild sweet taste, and like sucrose it is fully digested and therefore provides the same caloric value. But unlike sucrose, Palatinose is tooth-friendly and digested much slower, leading to a low-GI response and slow-release energy, the German company reports. Palatinose can be used in beverages, cereals and bars. Palatinit, a subsidiary of S?dzucker, Europe?s largest sugar producer, has filed a novel food application for Palatinose in Germany for approval in the EU. In the US, Palatinose is self-affirmed GRAS.

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The joys of soy
Effisoy, a new daily supplement with active phytoestrogens found in fermented soy, decreases menopausal symptoms, says its maker, FermaHealth, a division of Nichimo International. Effisoy is formulated with a fermented soy-based in-gredient from Japan, AglyMax, which contains the aglycone form of isoflavones. Aglycone is rich in daidzein, which has shown promise in relieving hot flashes.

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No-sugar nutritional bar fillings
Kerry Americas is offering two new no-sugar-added, real-tasting fillings for nutritional, granola and energy bars. The low-water-activity fillings — Fruit Burst and Caramel Plus — feature intense flavours and provide textural filling layers to food bars and confections, the company says. The Fruit Burst filling is low in carbohydrates, for lower-GI baked goods. The Caramel Plus product is also available in a protein-enhanced version.

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Omega-3 powders with mannitol
Lipid Nutrition, a division of Loders Croklaan, has added two marine-based omega-3 fatty acid products into its US product line: Marinol Omega-3 HS (High Stability) Powder and Marinol DHA HS (High Stability) Powder. Both of the products include the carbohydrate mannitol, which is used to improve stability and prevent the smell of fish oil when in powder form. Marinol powder products are GRAS and can be easily dry blended with other ingredients. The Omega-3 HS Powder has a minimum of 24 per cent omega-3 fatty acids with 10 per cent eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 7 per cent docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The DHA HS Powder offers a minimum of 17 per cent DHA, and a low concentration of EPA.

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Skin defense with astaxanthin
Astavita Skin Defense Complex, a proprietary formulation designed to protect the skin from free radicals, includes a combination of AstaREAL astaxanthin and other ingredients selected to promote healthy skin and reduce wrinkles. AstaREAL is a patented ingredient of astaxanthin from micro algae and harvested in an enclosed BioDome system in Hawaii. The Astavita supplements line is made by GoForLife Labs.

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Low-viscosity inulin
TIC Pretested Inulin LV-110, a highly purified grade of inulin, is known for its low-viscosity characteristics, which make it versatile for a wide range of applications, from dairy products to sauces and gravies to nutrition bars, its Maryland maker, TIC Gums, reports. It is especially good for low-viscosity, high-fibre products. The ingredient is cold water-soluble and deemed GRAS.

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Unique CLA delivery system
PharmaNutrients has launched CLA One DG, a dual-mechanism technology that delivers CLA One as a diglyceride, suitable for use in dietary supplements and food products. CLA One DG combines the benefits of CLA One for reducing fat mass and increasing lean muscle mass with the attributes of diglyceride oil, shown to lower triglycerides (TG), reduce fat stores and increase fat burning, the company says. Until now CLA One has only been available as a free fatty acid; as a diglyceride, CLA One enhances healthy fat loss due to the positioning of the fatty acids. According to the company, this impacts fat absorption and metabolism causing fewer TGs to be formed in gut cells, releasing fewer plasma TGs into circulation and reducing the amount of fat deposited.

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Crunchy whey protein crisps
Grande Custom Ingredients Group has launched a line of patented whey protein crisps called Grande WPCrisp. Available in four standard sizes at 50 per cent protein, this line of nutritional crisps can also be customized in various sizes with up to 70 per cent protein. Grande WPCrisps are made by combining whey protein with natural starch in a patented extrusion process. Because these crisps combine high levels of whey protein, a mild milky flavour, and a crunchy texture, they are ideal for nutrition- and health-oriented products such as bars, cereals and snacks, the company says.

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Fortified whole-grain bakery line
US bakery group Sara Lee has launched a line of Earth Grains Extra Fiber whole-grain breads, fortified with folic acid, vitamin D and calcium. It is available in 100 per cent whole wheat, whole wheat with honey and multi-grain varieties. In addition, six other flavour varieties of Earth Grains sandwich breads have been reformulated to contain added vitamin D and calcium. These are the first fortified whole-grain breads on the mainstream market, the company says, providing 20 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of both folic acid and vitamin D.

New formulas made by ZAND
Long-time herbal formulator in Washington state, ZAND, has recently begun offering products in the nutritional category, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Among their new formulas are those targeting immune support, cleansing, women and children, as well as new herbal lozenges.

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Soluble, enriched E
Aqua-E, the first liquid- and water-soluble form of vitamin E that includes all eight members of its family, was introduced by Yasoo Health Inc. The E formulation is rich in the four tocopherols and the four tocotrienols that comprise the vitamin E family. Many of these forms are difficult to obtain at adequate levels through standard diet, the company says.

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Dr Weil?s new line
Arizona Nutritional Supplements has launched its Weil Nutritional Supplements product line in the US. Formulated by Andrew Weil, MD, the products feature formulas for immune, cardio, energy and mood support; as well as a glucosamine and chondroitin formula for joint health. The line includes the Vitamin Advisor Daily Pack, a complete mix of Dr Weil?s recommended daily formulas for overall nutritional needs. All after-tax profits from sales will be donated to the Weil Foundation, a charity organization that supports research, training, public education and innovations in patient care and policy reform.
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