New Ingredients & Products

Anti-inflammation blend for joint health
Sabinsa Corp has introduced ArthriBlend-SR, a directly compressable sustained-release granulation containing a blend of natural ingredients for anti-inflammatory support. The blend contains glucosamine sulfate, Boswellin and Curcumin C3 Complex. The bioavailability of ArthriBlend-SR is enhanced with Bioperine black pepper fruit extract, the company reports.
+1 732 777 1111

Weight loss the FUZE way
A beverage containing a mixture of fruit juices by FUZE Beverages of New Jersey promises to promote weight loss. The metabolic formula includes 400mg of CitriMax, supplied by InterHealth, which is meant to suppress appetite, reduce the conversion of carbs into fats and promote weight loss. It also contains 400mg of chromium and L-carnitine; and 120mg of vitamin C. Slenderize is available in cranberry apple, cranberry raspberry and sugar-free tropical punch flavours.
+ 1 201 461 6640

Flavours for protein products
Virginia Dare?s new VidaPro flavours were developed specifically for protein-based foods and beverages. They feature a quick flavour release with sustained performance, the New York company says. Flavour choices include strawberry, wildberry, blueberry, vanilla caramel, s?mores and dulce de leche.
+1 718 788 1776

Single-serving xylitol packets
Xlear?s high-grade, 100 per cent xylitol is now available in single-serving packets under the brand name XyloSweet All Natural Xylitol Sweetener. Made from a natural sugar found in fruits, vegetables and woods, XyloSweet has no aftertaste and contains about 40 per cent fewer calories than sugar. It can be used in baking, cooking and other daily uses. It has also been shown to be effective in preventing cavities and fighting tooth decay.
+ 1 801 224 0937

Nourishment for cartilage
Croda Health Care?s new joint care complex is based on type II collagen and chondroitin sulphate — two building blocks of human cartilage — sourced from non-bovine and nonshark raw materials. CrodaFlex TII is designed to help maintain joint health and flexibility. Target markets include sports nutrition supplements and health maintenance products for the ageing population.
[email protected]

The power of broccoli in a powder
Cyvex Nutrition in California has launched a natural antioxidant, glucosinolates, under the brand name BroccoSinolate. Extracted from mature broccoli plants, the compound is stabilised and standardised to 4-6 per cent glucosinolates, which are bioactive phytochemicals found in cruciferous vegetables that protect the plants against the invasion of micro-organisms and insects. The ingredient can be used in dietary supplements for detox, immune support and antioxidant complexes.
+1 888 992 9839

Odour-free fish oil powder
Marinol Omega-3 HS Powder, a high- stability, high-potency fish oil powder, has been launched by Lipid Nutrition, a division of Loders Croklaan. This new formulation is designed specifically for food applications, where the use of fish oil powders have been limited by the fishy smell that usually develops during storage. The Marinol powder contains a high concentration of two long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids — EPA and DHA — as well as mannitol, which improves powder stability and prevents the formation of the fishy smell.
+31 75 629 2911

Infant products for better 'buttons? and bottoms
HK Baby, a new Virginia company, has created a line of natural products specifically for infants, including Tiny Buttons, natural pads for the umbilical cord saturated with witch hazel and infused with essential oils and distillates such as lemon, lavender and rose. Better Bottom contains blueberry extract, cranberry oil and calendula, to help prevent and heal diaper rash.
+1 804 530 7641

Botanical beauty from the Amazon
Florestas, one of Brazil?s leading manufacturers of sustainable botanical beauty products, has created a new IKOVE line of natural and organic health, skincare and bath products made from wild-harvested ingredients from the Amazon rainforest. They contain no parabens or colours, and they are designed to maintain normal pH balance, minimizing skin irritation. No animal testing has been used. Among the products are rose facial night cream; buriti body lotion, made from the vitamin- and nutrient-rich buriti fruit; and a leg cream, containing a unique plant-extract blend designed to enhance circulation, and reduce leg swelling and aches. The foot cream contains Copaiba, tea tree and rosemary, which provide natural antibacterial properties.

Organic soy ingredient
Sunrich, a SunOpta company, has developed Soy Supreme Kreme, a first-of-its-kind organic soy ingredient that offers a higher fat and protein content, making it ideal for baking, beverage and dessert applications, the Minnesota company says. Made only with whole soybeans and not hexane-extracted soy oil, Soy Supreme Kreme promises a pleasing flavour profile and natural taste that requires little added flavouring.
+1 952 912 8895

Ginger formula
Aphios Corp?s SuperCool Gingerol dietary supplement is designed to calm stomaches and promote healthy digestion. The formulation contains a standardised gingerols and shogaols fraction of ginger or zingiber, the dried rhizome of Jamaica, African and China ginger. The company is based in Massachusetts.
[email protected]

Travel-ready skincare kits
Boscia, a freshness-dated, preservative-free skincare line produced by Fancl of Japan, has introduced two travel kits to the US market with natural botanicals and no parabens. The kits — one for normal to oily skin and one for normal to dry complexions — contain five products in each, ranging from cleaning gels to SPF 15 hydrating creams to balancing facial tonics. They contain such natural ingredients as jojoba leaf, wine yeast, burdock root and green tea. The products are being sold under the brand name Boscia.
+1 866 267 2421

Standardised olive fruit extract
An olive fruit extract called Oleaselect, made from an Italian variety of olive rich in polyphenols, contains not less than 1.5 per cent hydroxytyrosol and five per cent verbascoside. Made by Indena in Italy, the standardised extract also contains not less than 30 percent polyphenols, which studies have shown reduce inflammation and oxidative damage.
+39 02 574961

Low-GI wheat fibre
A new double-fermented wheat fibre by Degussa Food Ingredients in Germany has a defined low-glycaemic index, which helps support weight loss and blood-glucose management. It also helps maintain healthy gut flora, the company says. The fibre is sold in a powder blend; as tablets fortified with all essential nutrients; or as an ingredient for beverages, dairy and dessert-type products.
[email protected]

Functional coffee
Gourmet JavaFit promises to be the first functional coffee, containing nutrients designed to enhance fitness. These include chromium polynicotinate (metabolism of sugars, protein utilization), garcinia cambogia (fat production inhibition), citrus aurantium (breakdown of fats), niacin (energy support) and green tea extract (metabolism boost). JavaFit has been shown to boost metabolism 30 per cent, its Florida maker claims.
+1 800 260 6114

Healthy soy snacks
The new soy-based snacks by Kallo Foods in the UK include SO crispY chips in salt and vinegar, barbecue and cheddar flavours; and SO crunchY snack bars in chocolate cookie and coffee chocolate flavours. Both lines are cholesterol-free, high in fibre and protein, low in fat and nutritionally rich, the company says.
+44 1428 685100

Trans fat-free oil
A new Iowa-made soybean oil called Asoyia provides a frying alternative with reduced saturated fat and no trans fats. Produced from one per cent linolenic soybeans, Asoyia plans to have 6,000 acres worth of the specially bred soybeans turned into some 3 million pounds of Asoyia oil over the next year. Asoyia is owned by 25 growers of the linolenic soybeans. Cargill processes the soybeans into oil for shipment.
+1 319 257 3400

Light- and heat-ready reds
A new range of natural red colours by Chr Hansen promises to be a significant improvement in stability to light and heat. ColorFruit is a blend of anthocyanins in four new shades of red to violet to purple in beverages. All ColorFruit products are anthocyanins or natural colours derived from edible fruits and vegetables. ColorFruit, produced in Denmark, is also kosher and S02 free.
+33 4 67 59 96 43

Restora range for health practitioners
G&G, a UK-based supplements manufacturer, has launched a range for health care practitioners featuring 73 different products. Called Restora, it includes 14 herbal formulas to address glandular and organ problems, as well as digestive formulas, supplements and lonic minerals. Most of the products contain a medium for higher bioavailability called Acti-zyme, made of pre-sprouted barley and organic barley grasses.

Celadrin for joints
Naturade has launched a line of four joint health products under its ReVivex name, containing a new ingredient Celadrin, which works on muscles, tissues and tendons. A human trial published in the Journal of Rheumatology showed results in 30 days. The products include ReVivex regular strength, with 500mg of Celadrin; extra strength, with 750mg; a PLUS formula with 500mg Celadrin and 500mg glucosamine; and a pain relief lotion with menthol.

Blast of ?everlasting? energy
V itamin Branding Corp, the manufacturer of the Everlast Nutrition line of products, has launched a new energy drink in North America called Everlast Blast, containing taurine, in a variety of flavours. It contains naturally occurring vitamins such as B6 and B12, and is sold in retail stores in 8.3oz cans.
+1 212 564 4567

Oatmeal with cholesterol-busters
Riding on the phytosterol wave, Health Valley has unveiled HeartWise instant oatmeal, containing CoroWise natural plant sterols to lower cholesterol. It is the only hot cereal on the market containing the natural compounds, and is also rich in iron, zinc, the B-vitamins, vitamin C and selenium. Health Valley is a division of the Hain Celestial Group. CoroWise is made by Cargill Health & Food Technologies.
+1 866 456 8872?
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